Email marketing software for small business

The best email marketing software for small business

As a small business owner, you know the power of personal contact with your prospects and customers. That’s why, when you want to stay in touch with your clientele, small business email marketing solutions are the way to go. Email marketing is direct, affordable and highly effective, providing an easy way to connect with the people who have expressed interest in your business.

However, staying on top of all the tasks surrounding email marketing can feel like a chore. Things like drafting messages, customizing layouts and scrubbing your email list are probably not at the top of your very long to-do list. That’s where Thryv can help. As a do-it-all platform for business management, Thryv delivers superior email marketing software for small business that can help you crank out successful campaigns with less effort and greater success.

How to get better results with email marketing

Here are a few proven tips for email marketing for small business that can help you achieve greater results more quickly and easily.

  • Use templates. Working with templates for promotional emails, announcements, welcome emails and other messages lets you write a message once and send it hundreds or thousands of times with little effort. The best email marketing software for small business will even customize your templates automatically.
  • Schedule your campaigns. You probably don’t have time to focus on email in the middle of a busy day. Fortunately, the right email marketing software will let you set up your campaigns ahead of time and send them out when the time is right. Marketing automation technology goes one step further, automatically sending messages when customers sign up for your newsletter, on their birthdays or when new products and services are available.
  • Focus on the CTA. The call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important parts of your email, guiding the recipient to the step you want them to take. Making the CTA clear, personal and prominent will help increase clicks.
  • Test your methods. Superior email marketing software for small business will let you test different aspects of your email campaigns to see what’s most effective. Testing CTAs, messages, layouts and offers one at a time will help you discover the best way to connect with your customers.
  • Make it personal. Personalizing email for the interests and preferences of your customers has been proven to increase sales and revenue.
  • Scrub your list. When you send emails repeatedly to people who no longer want to receive them, it can have a negative impact on your reputation and cause email service providers to mark your messages as spam. Cleaning your list every 6 to 12 months to remove inactive subscribers can help you stay off the “naughty list.”
  • Track your success. The best way to improve your email marketing results is to track the success of each campaign. By monitoring metrics like the number of opens, views, clicks and sales, you can refine your methods with each campaign.

Superior email marketing software for small business will let you easily incorporate all of these best practices. That’s exactly what you can expect from Thryv.

Email marketing software for small business from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end solution that provides all the tools you need to manage nearly every aspect of your business with greater organization and efficiency. From strengthening your business reputation to simplifying scheduling and streamlining communication, Thryv helps you transform your business while minimizing time and effort.

Thryv’s email marketing software for small business delivers the capabilities you needed to produce highly effective email campaigns with a minimum of effort.

Send trigger-based emails
Thryv lets you set up trigger-based campaigns that automatically send the best message to each customer at the right time. From welcome messages for new customers to we-miss-you messages for lapsed customers, Thryv’s trigger-based email campaigns help you automatically stay in touch.

Create content in advance
Thryv lets you schedule one-off announcements to engage customers with timely promotions and compelling calls to action. With Thryv, you can create emails anytime and have Thryv send them at the optimal day and time.

Access a library of templates
Coming up with new messaging for email campaigns can be daunting. That’s why Thryv offers a massive library of business email templates that are already customized for your line of business. Browse to find the message you want, then customize and send it in just a few clicks.

Get detailed analytics
The Thryv dashboard lets you easily monitor metrics like the number of opens, views, clicks and more. Use these insights to adjust and improve your efforts with each new campaign.

Grow your list legitimately
To keep your email list clean, use Thryv’s customizable widget that allows customers to opt in to your list while keeping you in compliance with spam regulations.

In addition to email marketing software for small business, Thryv offers business texting services that automatically send thank you messages, payment receipts and appointment reminders to customers with SMS text messages.

More marketing solutions from Thryv

Along with email marketing tools for small business, Thryv offers additional solutions to streamline marketing activities for small businesses.

Customer relationship management software
Thryv’s CRM system helps nurture relationships with leads and customers through automatic reminders and trigger-based communications. Enhance your contact list with a customizable view of your leads and detailed insights into your customer base. Provide a seamless experience with an online portal where customers can securely share documents, view invoices and account history, make payments and communicate with your team.

Customer communication tools
Thryv’s customer communication solutions let you stay in touch with customers on the channels they prefer – text, email, Facebook and more. View every conversation across channels in a single inbox, helping you to stay organized, respond faster and personalize communications. See all messages in client-specific threads, no matter where the messages came from.

Online presence management tools
Thryv can automatically upload and synchronize your business information across 40+ trusted listings sites online, including Google Business Profile. Making this information consistent helps to increase confidence in your business for customers and search engines.

Reputation management services
Thryv’s services can help you generate more reviews, monitor comments online and automatically respond to reviews quickly – even when you don’t have time to do it yourself. See how you rank against your closest competitors with an in-depth competitive analysis.

Why choose Thryv?

From scheduling software for HVAC companies to invoicing solutions for law firms and CRM systems for fitness studios, Thryv delivers solutions that make it easier to run every small business more efficiently.

A do-it-all, cloud-based platform
Thryv’s end-to-end platform delivers all the software tools you need to manage your business. From a single dashboard, you can view communications, schedules, invoices, and customer reviews to understand how your business is performing with just one glance. Thryv’s cloud-based tools are available everywhere, on any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Outstanding service and support
Thryv offers unlimited, 24/7 support from specialists who understand the unique needs of small business owners. Hands-on onboarding and flexible training help you and your team maximize the value of your subscription while tips, videos and guides let you get up to speed with Thryv’s tools at your own pace.

Seamless integration with existing technology
Thryv integrates easily with the tools you’re already using, including Gmail, QuickBooks, Yext, Constant Contact, Indeed, Mailchimp, Shopify, Typeform, Zoom and Clover.

Airtight security
From document storage to online payment processing, our security features and cutting-edge encryption keep your data safe. Customizable account access tools let you control who sees what – and what they can do with it.

Email marketing software for small business FAQs

Your email marketing software for small business questions, answered.

What is email marketing software for small business?

Email marketing software simplifies and automates many of the tasks involved in communicating with leads and customers via email. Small business email marketing software is designed specifically for the needs of smaller organizations, providing easy-to-use tools that can be managed without needing an entire team of marketing or technical specialists.

What are the advantages of email marketing software for small business?

Email marketing software let small business owners spend less time on marketing and more time running their businesses. Trigger-based email campaigns automatically send messages to the right customer at the right time without intervention from staff. Email software also provides detailed analytics and metrics that can help small businesses to improve the effectiveness of marketing over time.