Small Business Email Marketing Solutions

Reaching customers with small business email marketing solutions

When it comes to connecting with customers for your small business, email still delivers the most bang for your buck. Social media may seem like it’s taken over the world, but consumers are 6 times more likely to click a link in an email than on a social media platform.i In addition to being really effective, email is a lot more affordable than other forms of advertising.

While constantly creating and sending email campaigns may seem daunting, the right small business email marketing solutions can make it easy and painless. That’s where Thryv can help. As a do-it-all platform for managing your small business, Thryv offers email marketing tools for small business that simplify every aspect of your email marketing strategy.

Ways to improve your email marketing

Working with the right small business email marketing solutions makes it easier to send consistently compelling messages to your prospects and customers. Following these six steps can help to improve your email marketing efforts even more.

Go for variety
Your email marketing campaign should never be only about selling your product or service. Instead, shoot for an 80/20 mix, where 80% of messages are about providing helpful information and 20% focus on promotions and offers. This helps build and sustain relationships with your contacts by offering something of value and keeps your emails from becoming too annoying.

Refresh your autoresponders
Automating certain emails – like welcome or thank-you messages – is a great way to take work off your plate. But when these communications become outdated, they are less effective. Make a habit of reviewing your automated emails every eight weeks to freshen up the content.

Check your timing
Studies show the highest open rates for email marketing are in the evening hours after the workday is over.ii But because your audience may be unique, you can experiment by sending emails at different times. The right email marketing software for small business will let you track open rates to discover what time of day is best for your business.

Triple-check your subject line
Your subject line is the most important part of the email. It’s the thing that will prompt a customer to open your message – or not. Be sure to triple-check for typos. Most small business email marketing solutions will allow you to test subject lines to see which one produces the most opens.

Proofread and proofread again
It’s hard to proofread an email message you’ve just written. Try writing your email, proofreading it and then stepping away for a bit before proofreading again. Odds are you’ll find typos and errors on the second pass that you missed on the first.

Measure your results
The best way to improve your email marketing over time is to constantly measure the results. Small business email marketing solutions will deliver tons of metrics like open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates that can help you figure out what types of messages, offers, language and visuals are most effective with your audience.

Small business email marketing solutions from Thryv

Thryv delivers an end-to-end platform with solutions that help small businesses stay organized and run more efficiently. From online scheduling to text marketing for small business, Thryv give you all the tools you need to find customers, manage your work, keep cash flowing and build a reputation online.

Thryv’s small business email marketing solutions deliver the resources you need to improve your marketing results while simplifying your marketing efforts.

Automated, trigger-based campaigns
Automatically send one-off announcements like birthday greetings or build entire campaigns in just a few clicks. Schedule emails to be sent on specific triggers when someone subscribes to your newsletter or when a customer hasn’t made a purchase in 60 days.

Email templates
Thryv offers a massive library of business email templates and ready-to-send messages that are already customized for your type of business. When you want to create an email fast and you don’t know what to say, simply access the Thryv library, pick the perfect email and tailor the message to fit your needs.

Detailed metrics
With Thryv’s small business email marketing solutions, you can easily measure the success of each email message and campaign. View details about the number of opens, views and clicks as well as other metrics that help you adjust and improve your email marketing efforts with each campaign.

Subscription widgets
Customizable widgets let customers opt-in to email and text messages, making it easy to comply with anti-spam regulations as you grow your email lists.

More solutions from Thryv

Along with small business email marketing solutions, Thryv offers comprehensive software solutions for managing nearly every aspect of your business.

Scheduling appointments
Let customers go online anytime, day or night, to book or request appointments, minimizing the time spent answering phone calls and returning voicemails to customers looking to reserve time.

Invoicing and payments
Send interactive estimates, quotes and invoices that customers can approve or pay online. Give customers more ways to pay, making it easier to get paid faster.

Customer communication
Communicate with customers on their preferred channels – text, email and social – while viewing all messages in a single client-specific thread in a central inbox. Use automated reminders so you’ll never forget to follow up with customers again.

Customer relationship management
Upgrade your contact lists with a CRM system that consolidates all customer data in one location. Thryv’s customer management software for small business provides tools to help you engage customers and nurture leads more easily.

Online presence
Upload your business information once and let Thryv automatically post it to 40+ trusted listing sites, including Google Business Profile. Give customers an online portal where they can log in to make payments, schedule appointments and share information. Let Thryv’s designers help you create a fast, modern and mobile-ready website.

Social media
Create and schedule social content in one place, publishing posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with just a few clicks. Rely on Thryv’s pre-built posts when you need inspiration.

Reputation management
Generate more five-star reviews by automatically asking customers at the right time. Get notified when reviews are posted and automatically respond within one business day with help from Thryv.

Document management
Securely request, share and store documents online, putting an end to paper clutter and rows of file cabinets. Collaborate and edit documents online while letting Thryv keep track of the most recent version.

Why choose Thryv?

Tens of thousands of small business owners trust Thryv’s administrative, financial and marketing solutions to help organize their work and manage their businesses more efficiently. Thryv’s comprehensive solutions integrate easily with widely used productivity applications like QuickBooks, PayPal, Gmail, Zoom, Square and many more. This allows business owners and employees to keep using the tools they’re familiar with as they add Thryv’s solutions to their workflow.

As an end-to-end platform with a single login, Thryv lets users stop that practice of logging in to multiple solutions throughout the day. Users can access the Thryv platform from anywhere, on any device – laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Customer data and business information is protected by data encryption technology and customizable account access tools.

Thryv is the only small business software that offers personalized setup and unlimited, 24/7 support from specialists with expertise in both small business practices and small business technologies.



Small Business Email Marketing Solutions FAQs

Your small business email marketing solutions questions, answered.

What are small business email marketing solutions?

Small business email marketing solutions provide tools to streamline and automate many tasks involved in sending emails to customers. The best small business email marketing solutions enable businesses to set up drip and nurture campaigns that automatically send emails at the ideal time to the right person with the best messaging.

What are the benefits of small business email marketing solutions?

Solutions for email marketing for small business improve relationships with customers and effectively market products and services while minimizing the time and effort required from small business owners and their staff.