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Thryv - Service and Support

The customer service is wonderful, and being available 24/7 has helped me out. If I’m working on my computer in the evening and I need to get ahold of somebody, they’re right there.

Debra Ehmke

Essentially Well Oiled

Debra Ehmke

Essentially Well Oiled

Real Thryv Customer

Icon of a communication rep.dedicated onboarding

Get up and running oh-so fast.

Thryv is the only small business software that comes with personalized setup and support from small business experts. Specialists help populate Thryv with your business’s information and turn on the features you care about most via a hands-on onboarding.

Real Thryv Customer

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Stop wasting time on hold.

Our competitors’ long customer service queues (if you can even find live support) don’t help you get stuff done. We have Thryv specialists standing by 24/7 with technical expertise and business know-how. No matter when you need help, or where you are, you can reach us via phone, chat or email. Or, if you prefer to learn on your own, we have in-app tips and a robust online knowledge center with how-to guides, videos, tips and tricks.

Real Thryv Customer

Icon of a communication rep.Always There

Your own expert, on call.

We don’t just set up your Thryv and say goodbye. Our team of client success partners works around the clock to help you get the most out of Thryv. From optimizing your online presence, to coming up with your next great marketing campaign, they’re full of new ideas and best practices. Use our experts to set goals, strategize and grow your business.

Real Thryv Customer

Icon of a communication rep.PARTNERS IN GROWTH

You talk. We listen.

Thryv users know best what’s working well and what could work better. Join a dedicated Facebook group, submit software update requests, and share your feedback with our experts from right inside Thryv. You can even vote on features most important to you and help us choose what to update next.

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Don’t take our word for it. See what small businesses love about Thryv.

  • I love the level of customer support they offer and the amount of features they have. They are always eager to hear my ideas and improve and I love that so much.

    Sierra S.

  • The convenience of having everything in one place. The great support they offer it's just been a great experience.

    Lisa N.

  • I like the automatic posts that are created on my social media pages.

    Mike S.

  • I am just beginning to utilize more features as I start to build out my new business. I have used the THRYV Pay which was super easy and efficient.

    Julie K.

  • The total value of overall services offered for the money.

    D. Robert T.

  • Thryv is easy to use and has a lot of the tools I needed for my small business. The scheduling tool and website help me to have a more professional presence.

    Caitlyn A.

  • It keeps us organized. Helps us be on track with our calendar appointments.

    Gloria F.

  • It's an account, desk manager, advertiser, and invoice sender all in one!

    Michael F.

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