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Getting paid for a job well done is easy with ThryvPay. Our online payment processor allows you to get paid how you want and gives your clients the flexibility to pay the way they need. Accept and process credit card and ACH payments using ThryvPay.

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Nearly 2/3 of consumers prefer digital payments when paying for larger services.

source: Payments Dive, Thryv 2021 Consumer Payments Survey

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Convenient, Clear, Cost-Effective

Stop treating large transactions like little ones.

If you’re processing online payments like retail businesses do, you’re doing it wrong. ThryvPay lets you:

  • Easily accept credit card, wallet pay, tap to pay and ACH payments
  • Get next-day funding on credit card payments after 8pm
  • Automatically add optional surcharges or convenience fees to offset costs
  • Accept tips from your loyal customers
  • Integrate with QuickBooks for automatic reconciliation

I chose ThryvPay because of the seamless interaction with the system. It puts the customer at ease to be able to pay from the comfort of their own home.

Brian Payne | Critterpro inc.

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More options, Lower Fees

Unlock lower processing rates with ThryvPay Mobile Card Reader and Mobile Tap-to-Pay.

Our mobile card reader integrates with the ThryvPay Mobile app via Bluetooth, delivering safe and secure card-present processing with a simple swipe, insert or tap. Mobile Tap-to-Pay allows you to accept payments phone-to-phone or card-to-phone from credit cards with NFC functionality and is available on both iOS and Android.

  • Mobile Card Reader and Mobile Tap-to-Pay work seamlessly together or independently.
  • Enjoy the flexibility offered by our Mobile Card Reader that processes in-person or on the go.
  • Save money on processing rates starting at 2.6% plus 30 cents per transaction.
  • Accept payments with confidence that comes from seamless integration to our mobile app.
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Again and Again

Offer installment plans and recurring payments by scheduling payments in advance.

ThryvPay’s Scheduled Payments feature securely stores credit card and bank account information so you can process payments over and over. Schedule future payments in advance, and watch the revenue roll in. With ThryvPay, you can set up:

  • Recurring payments daily, weekly or monthly
  • Custom installment and payment plans
  • Membership programs

Sales & Payments

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Safe and Secure

Move your check acceptance online, and save thousands on fees.

Customers can now pay you via online bank transfer (ACH). When using the ThryvPay bank transfer capability your customer’s account number and funds will be validated prior to completing the transaction, helping to cut down on insufficient funds or returns*. Save thousands on processing fees with a low $1 min or 1% up to $9.00 max. Funding for bank transfers can take up to 7 business days.

Why Thryv

*Thryv does not guarantee the ability of funds, only validation of funds at the time of processing. Customers manually entering bank details are excluded from account and funds validation.

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Users rank ThryvPay as one of the best online payment processors for small businesses, alongside PayPal, Apple Pay and Stripe.2

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Transparent Fees

Tell hidden fees to take a hike, and only accept payments with transparent terms.

Control how much payment processing truly costs your business. ThryvPay has some of the most competitive rates in the industry, at 2.6% + 30 cents per transaction with card present and 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction online. See exactly what your fees are on every transaction with easy, exportable reporting. Then, use customizable settings to enable client-side convenience fees or set maximum allowable credit card limit until forced ACH.

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Balance Out Costs

Offset the cost of credit card processing with convenience fees.

Surcharges allow you to charge your online customer your current processing rate of 2.9% (allowed in 40 states). If surcharges are not available to you, you can charge a flat rate convenience fee to help offset credit card fees.

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Offer Flexible Financing

Give customers more purchasing power with financing through ThryvPay.

Embrace payment flexibility with financing options ranging from $500 to $25,000, available in a variety of terms from 3 to 60 months. You’ll get paid quickly and your business assumes no risk if the customer is late or defaults on the loan. Application, approval, service and support are powered by industry-recognized Wisetack.*

*Must be opted into ThryvPay. Select industries only. Subject to approval.

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Mobile Wallet Friendly

Make paying sweet and simple by accepting digital wallets.

Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay so customers can pay you fast from their smart devices. ThryvPay supports digital wallet encryptions for added security and peace of mind. Give your customers even more ways to pay and trigger instant digital receipts at payment for clear transactions.

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Service & Support

Feel confident our team is looking out for your business, too.

Don’t go hunting for a number to call. Just like Thryv, ThryvPay is supported by a dedicated team of service experts who can help you with disputes, chargebacks and other payment concerns. Our team is on call Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT during your most business critical moments. Connect via phone, chat, email and in-app.


ThryvPay FAQs

Your payment processing questions, answered.

Are there benefits of offering both ACH and credit card processing?

Yes! Enjoy the benefits of both by offering your customers flexibility of payment preference. You can also determine when you want to offer your customers the option to pay via ACH or credit card, based on transaction.

What are the competitive ThryvPay processing fees?

Credit card processing rates start at 2.6% + $0.30 on all card present transactions using the mobile card reader or tap to pay, while online or keyed transactions start at 2.9% + $0.30. ACH rates are a minimum of $1.00 or 1% up to a maximum of $9.00.

How easy is it to sign up and get connected to ThryvPay?

Super easy. It only takes about 5 minutes! You’ll find an easy walkthrough guide to help with the application process. You can sign up inside Thryv during initial login with our QuickStart Wizard or go to Settings > Payments or directly from Sales > ThryvPay.

What’s included with scheduled payments?

Scheduled payments allow you to minimize late/missed payments, increase ongoing revenue, and easily manage and track revenue. Use recurring payments to charge monthly, weekly or quarterly and even installments for partial payments on large sums. Memberships allow for monthly or advanced payments generating customer loyalty.

What’s included with ThryvPay reporting?

ThryvPay transaction reporting is available directly within Thryv. The reporting tab provides detailed transaction history including the transaction amount and how it was paid, including pertinent customer information and type of transaction, such as individual, scheduled payment or refund.

What level of support is provided with ThryvPay?

ThryvPay offers a dedicated support team available via phone, email or chat to assist with payment disputes, funding/deposit questions, chargebacks and answer questions regarding your application.

Do all transactions offer next day funding?

Any transactions processed by credit card prior to 8 p.m. EST will be funded the next business day, or if completed after 8 p.m. EST transactions will be included in the next day’s total. Bank transfers will be funded within 7 business days.

What are the monthly fees associated with ThryvPay?

None. With ThryvPay you only pay processing fees on completed transactions.

Can I offset my credit card processing fees?

Yes. ThryvPay offers the ability to charge your customers a surcharge fee that matches your processing rate on credit card transactions (available in 40 states) or you can add an optional flat dollar convenience fee amount for paying via credit card.

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