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We fuel local business.

Our Story

Starting a new business is harder than ever. With a decline in the number of local businesses started each year comes a surge in the number of large corporations equipped to dominate the marketplace.

Word-of-mouth marketing simply doesn’t work anymore. So local businesses often struggle to compete. We developed Thryv to bridge the gap – to help local businesses run, grow and generate more business from new and current customers.

In 2017, DexYP™ overhauled the Thryv experience to make it the platform of choice to fuel local business growth everywhere. Today, Thryv’s Local Business Automation™, helps thousands of local business owners automate their most essential business functions so they can get back to doing what they love – running their businesses.

Gain a trusted partner.

Thryv’s more than a great tool. It comes with a team of more than 4,200 local business advocates who’ve got your back.

Compete with the big guys.

Thryv places the same tools big businesses use directly into local business owners’ hands. The only thing missing is the gigantic price tag.

Take back the time you’ve lost.

With Thryv powering your business, rediscover why you started it in the first place. What will you do with all that free time?

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