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The Craziest Way Influencer Marketing Works for Small Businesses on Social Media

Big brands love influencer marketing. But did you know influencer marketing works for small businesses too? Influencer marketing is...

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Clean Up Your Client Contact List For The New Year in 5 Simple Steps

“New year, new me.” We’ve all heard this before and may have even said it a few times when...

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Why If Your CRM Isn’t Mobile, You’re Doing It Wrong

Recover your body. Recover your life. Sounds pretty great, right? For The Body Building’s Kasey Kahl, it’s not just...

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[Video] Stop Letting No Shows Cost You Money

If you run a services business, you know customers miss appointments all the time. For example, no-show rates at...

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Building a 2019 Email Marketing Plan? Do More of This, and Less of That

Would you love to generate $44, just by spending a dollar? Who wouldn’t?! Luckily for small businesses, email marketing...

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Think You Don’t Need To Claim Your Online Listings? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should

Online listings exist beyond the big boys like Google, Yelp and Yahoo. There are hundreds of online listings sites...

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What is Lead Injection? Why You Need a Better Way to Get Leads into Your CRM

When a consumer reaches out to your business and expresses interest, they become a lead. In marketing, we call...

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IGTV for Small Business Finally Picks Up Steam – What You Need to Know

How often do you find yourself watching a video online? If you’re like most people, it’s probably quite a...

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How to Avoid Chargebacks during the Holidays

Ever experienced a chargeback? You’d know if you have. It’s that moment when you see a cardholder has disputed...

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[Video] Demystifying Keywords and Short Codes for Text Marketing

Ever thought about using text marketing for your business? If you’ve researched your options online, chances are the results...

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Want More Appointments? Remind Clients to Book Online, and How

Convenience drives most consumer decisions. And if you have a services business, online appointment scheduling is a feature you...

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Writing for Social Media Business Pages: 7 Tips for Writing Posts that Get Read

Is your business active on social media? If so, whether you anticipated it or not, you added “writer” to...

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Why You Can’t Find Your Yelp Business Listing, and How to Fix it

Yelp is a name you’ve surely become familiar with if you’re a small business owner. It’s one of the most popular ways to search for and review businesses online. Although Google largely remains the online search juggernaut, Yelp is...

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