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Spooked by the cost of Facebook ads? How what you sell affects their price

The copious amount of candy in my local grocery store can only mean one thing. Halloween is here. So...

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[Video] Get More Out of Your CRM with Tags

So you’ve upgraded your contact list into a customer relationship management (CRM) system. And hopefully, you’ve entered your contact...

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How Beyond Aquatics Used Communication to Grow Their Clients and Profits

If you ask Michael Burrows, founder of Beyond Aquatics in Tennessee, he’ll tell you he went into business to...

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[Video] The Hidden Fees of Payment Processing

Consumers want to pay by credit card. But when it comes to choosing a payment processor, finding the best...

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Why One Spa Hired Software to Improve the Customer Experience, not Staff

Even if you run the most relaxing spa or salon in your neighborhood, you know owning a small business...

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Don’t Let Spammers Ruin Your Day: How to Block Spam Calls to Your Business Phone

I’ve noticed it. You’ve noticed it. Robocalls and spam calls are interrupting your peace of mind and your day...

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What Card Processors Don’t Tell You about Processing Credit Card Payments

You know you need the ability to process credit card payments to make your small business’s customers happy. In...

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[Video] Put Your Email Marketing on Autopilot

Today, we’re going to talk about email marketing. If you’re picturing hours of copywriting, list management and that horrible...

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Make Your Email Marketing a Conversion Machine: 5 Ways to Increase Conversions

Small businesses use email marketing to achieve a number of goals. And in the marketing world, those goals are...

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6 Ways to Get More Online Reviews and Boost Your Reputation

That 3-star rating got you down in the dumps? You’re not alone. As of mid-2018, Yelp users had generated...

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[Video] How to Get Found in Voice Searches like Alexa

Did you know: 50% of searches will be performed by voice in 2020? 41% of adults conduct a voice...

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So You Want to Sell on Instagram? Introducing Instagram Shoppable Posts

It wasn’t too long ago we told you about one of Instagram’s biggest hurdles for businesses—its inability to include...

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[Video] Turn Your Contact List into Cash

Did you know it’s 6 to 7 times more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to keep an existing one? Now I’m not saying attracting new customers isn’t worthwhile, because it is. But what that stat...

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