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Frequently Asked Questions

Your small business questions and answers

Everything your small business needs to know about Thryv.


What is Thryv software?

Thryv is a do-it-all client experience platform. It includes everything you need to get the job, manage your work, and get credit. Thryv comes with customer relationship management, text and email communications, online payment processing, online presence, reputation management, social media management, document sharing and storage, and more.

How much does Thryv cost?

Thryv pricing varies by type of business. To get your custom quote, schedule a demo so we can learn more about which Thryv plan will work best for you.

When can I start using Thryv? Do I need to download the software?

Thryv is a cloud-based solution with certified performance in Chrome. Thryv does not guarantee performance in Safari or Firefox. Thryv is not supported in Internet Explorer. Once you purchase Thryv, your account will be set up. Thryv login is based on your email you used to sign up and you can create your unique password at point of sale. You can reset your password directly on the login screen if needed at any time.


Command Center

What is Thryv software?

Thryv Command Center is a free1 communications platform that brings together various channels like email, social media, messenger apps, phone calls and video calls into one unified conversation per client.

What can Command Center do for my business?

  • Inbox will consolidate all your client channels, including email, SMS, social media, phone and video into one conversation eliminating the need to jump between multiple apps.
  • TeamChat will enable you to organize internal conversations into channels and group messages, as well as give you the ability to @ mention team members and annotate photos so your team can communicate productively, quickly and effectively.
  • Phone creates a seamless way to manage your calls with integrated voice and video calling capabilities. video calling capabilities. All users automatically get a Business Service Line from Thryv to make and receive calls, plus voicemails are automatically transcribed making it easy to keep track of customer communications.

What is the cost of Command Center?

  • Command Center is free forever1. All Command Center users receive three inbox channels, 60 minutes of calls, 30-day retention of TeamChat history and email support for up to five users per business account.
  • Plus Command Center users receive six inbox channels, 300 minutes of calls, 12-month retention of TeamChat history plus full phone, email and chat support.
  • Professional Command Center users receive unlimited inbox channels, unlimited TeamChat history retention, 600 minutes of calls and full phone, email, and chat support.
  • Command Center also offers discounted pricing for the Plus and Professional Plans for teams with more than 10 users. Pricing will vary by plan and number of users.

1. Terms and conditions apply. Free plans have limited functionality. Upgraded plans with more functionality are available for a fee. See for plan and pricing details.

What are Inbox channels?

Channels inside of Inbox are all the communications platforms that you may be using with clients such as business social media profiles or email accounts. Each account added is considered a separate channel inside of Command Center.

What channels does Inbox support

Inbox supports the following channels currently:

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • iCloud
  • Hotmail
  • AOL
  • Yahoo
  • Other IMAP
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Video
  • TTLL (Text-to-Landline)
  • Webchat

Are my past email and social customer conversations imported into Command Center?

Email channels connected to Inbox will import messages for the past 90 days. All future email conversations will be available inside of your Inbox.

Social media conversations will not be imported upon activation, but new conversations will be available inside of your Inbox thereafter.

How many team members can I add to Command Center?

With a free forever1 Command Center only five users can be added to a businesses’ account, but with Plus and Professional plans unlimited users can be added.

Can I add extra minutes to my Phone feature in Command Center?

Yes, the Plus and Professional plans offer an additional 100 minutes per month for only $5.

Can I use my own phone number in Command Center for calls and SMS?

No, all Thryv Command Center accounts will receive a new business phone number upon signup to use for calls.

Note: SMS is not available in New Zealand.
Note: Phone/SMS channel rules are/may be different than TTLL.

What are the benefits of using the mobile app over the desktop version of Command Center?

With the Command Center mobile app you’re free to answer customer inquiries from anywhere. The app makes it easy to respond to emails, SMSs, calls and social media messages all from one platform.

1. Terms and conditions apply. Free plans have limited functionality. Upgraded plans with more functionality are available for a fee. See for plan and pricing details.

Business Center

What is Thryv Business Center?

Thryv Business Center is an do-it-all solution that helps small business manage their day-to-day and elevate the client experience, from our customizable CRM and convenient online scheduling to securely processing payments, managing online listings, social and more.

How does Thryv Business Center help small businesses?

Business Center provides small businesses with the tools needed to take the busy work out of running their business, including:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Consolidate and manage client information in one place.
  • Scheduling & Calendars: Simplify scheduling for your business and clients alike with convenient online booking and calendar management.
  • timates & Invoices: Create, customize and send digital invoices and estimates in just a few clicks.
  • Online Listings & Reviews: Verify and lock business contact details so prospects can find you, and easily manage and respond to reviews online.
  • Social Media: Connect your social media accounts so that you can quickly create, schedule and send posts across the channels of your choice.
  • Secure Client Portal: Provide your clients with a self-service portal to stay connected with your business, from sending files to booking a service.
  • Email & SMS: Nurture new and existing clients by staying connected with well-timed email and text message (SMS) marketing.
  • Documents & Files: Stay organized, access and share documents, files and photos internally and with clients.
  • Digital Payments: Accept payments in-office or on-the-go and always have a bird’s-eye view of what is due, overdue, upcoming and more.

What is the cost of Business Center?

Thryv Business Center is available to small businesses via monthly subscription to our Plus, Professional or Unlimited packages. Specific pricing and inclusions by package can be found here.

Do I have to use every feature found within Business Center?

No, you choose which features you want to use based on individual business needs.

Can I take advantage of other features (known as Entitlements) within my Thryv Business Center package if I don’t set them up right away?

Absolutely! You can choose to take advantage of any features of your Thryv Center package/tier at any time during your active subscription. For example, if you don’t have time to take advantage of the professionally designed website that comes with the top two paid tiers of Thryv’s Business Center, you can opt to come back to it later in your subscription.


How do I import my clients?

You can import clients into your account with Smart Data Importer, from your Google contacts or from a CSV/Excel file.

Do I have to manually add my clients?

No. You can add new clients to your list, even if the client has never contacted you before. Or, whenever a new client contacts or schedules with you through the Client Portal, a Client Card is automatically created for that client in your account, including all the information the client provided.

How can I search for a specific client within the CRM?

Click on ‘Accounts/Clients’ from the menu to pull up your complete Client List. In the right sidebar of the screen, you can select the filters you wish to apply to identify the client(s) you are searching for. Add custom tags to distinguish between clients/projects/accounts.

Scheduling & Calendars

Are appointments scheduled in real-time?

Yes, once an appointment has been scheduled, the business will receive notifications of the booking in real-time within their calendar.

If I don’t want customers to be able to schedule appointments, can I turn off this feature?

Yes, you can adjust this and configure your desired settings by selecting Settings > Online Booking Options.

Can I control if appointments are accepted or declined when my customers schedule with me online?

Of course! When you set up your online services, you decide if you want to automatically accept appointments if the time slot is available or if you want to manually accept or decline each appointment.

Can I sync my Thryv calendar with an external calendar so I can see all my appointments in one view?

Yes. Thryv Business Center offers convenient two-way syncing with Google and Outlook calendars. Connect your external calendar inside of Business Center’s calendar settings to have data synced between your two calendars to avoid booking errors.

Can I setup different schedules or views for each of my employees?

Yes. When you add or edit a user in Business Center, you can configure their specific view depending on their role within your organization. Customize their individual schedule and availability, services they offer, and more.

Can I use Thryv Business Center with Reserve with Google?

Yes. Our experts can help you claim and verify your profile on Google. Then, it only takes a few steps to setup.

Estimates & Invoices

How do I know if my client has received and responded to an estimate or invoice?

Receive instant notification when your client takes action, from estimate approvals and signatures to payment confirmation.

Can I customize my digital estimate/invoice to display details the way I want?

Thryv Business Center gives businesses the control to customize digital estimates and invoices with a few simple clicks. Drag and drop products and services to quickly populate within the invoice or estimate, choose how you want pricing and taxes displayed and itemized, add a custom note, and more.

Can my clients digitally sign or pay a deposit when I send a client an estimate?

Yes! Simplify and speed up the approval process by capturing digital signatures and deposits from clients when they approve a project, with real-time notifications once signed and paid.

Online Listings & Reviews

Why do I have to maintain my listings after I load my information?

By using Listings Management with Thryv Business Center, you are guaranteed that your listings on these websites are locked down. No one else can update them or suggest a change without being blocked by Thryv. This helps ensure that no matter where your customers are searching for you, they are always getting the correct information, hours and contact info.

What types of information are updated and/or added to listings online?

Add important information and attributes to your listings, such as offered services or products, menus, photos and more.

What reviews will be visible inside of Thryv Business Center?

Stay on top of new reviews from Thryv, Google, Facebook and Yelp networks. With one click, you can review and respond right from inside Business, helping to build relationships and bolstering your online reputation.

Social Media

Which social media platforms can I connect to inside of Thryv Business Center?

With Business Center, you can connect and manage five available social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Business Profile page.

Can I schedule social posts in advance?

Yes! Create posts to share with your audience now, or create and schedule content in advance so you can set it and forget it, but still ensure your business is consistently engaging with popular channels.

Can I view and reply to comments from inside of Business Center?

Yes. Stop bouncing between apps and trying to keep up with the comments. View and manage engagement with your audience, gauge customer sentiment, and more.

Secure Client Portal

Can I customize what actions my clients see or take within their Client Portal?

Yes. Customize what your client sees when they login to their secure portal, from adding or removing actions, creating custom actions and more.

What does my client see when they login to their Customer Portal, and why is it beneficial to my business?

Using their unique login, when your clients login to their customer portal, they will be able to take action and easily connect with your business, including:

  • Booking a service or appointment
  • Sharing a document, photo or file
  • Making a payment
  • Access prior interaction and history with that business

Can I invite my clients to use or login to their Client Portal?

Yes. From within the Client Card, select ‘More’ and select ‘Invite via Email’ to send an email invitation for that client to login to the portal.

Email & SMS

Are there limits to the number of emails I can send?

We have Thryv Business Center packages that fit every type of business, including Unlimited plans. Click here to learn more.

Can Business Center help build my email list?

While Thryv Business Center connects directly to your CRM and contact list, Thryv cannot purchase any email lists on your behalf.

Can I view the performance of any emails and texts that I send to my clients?

With Business Center, quickly see which clients have opened, viewed, clicked and engaged with your campaigns.

Documents & Files

Which file types does Thryv Business Center support?

Thryv Documents can accept most common file types such as text documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, images, gifs and zip files. File types that Thryv cannot accept are video files, executable files, HTMLfiles as well as video, audio, mp4, ogg, .html, .xhtml, .htmlx, .dhtml, .jhtml, .phtml, .rhtml, .zhtml, .mhtml, .js, .css, .sass, .scss. However, if you can compress your files into a zip file folder, you can upload the zip file to your Documents.

Can I upload more than one document at a time?

Yes. Upload multiple documents from within Business Center, and allow clients to share documents, photos, and files via their Client Portal.

Can my clients electronically sign documents?

Yes. With Thryv Signatures, harness the convenience and security of e-signing. All Business Center packages come with five free signatures per month, with the option to upgrade within the Thryv Marketplace.

Digital Payments

What are the transactional processing rates for credit/debit cards?

Individual rates vary depending on market, and businesses can qualify for lower rates depending on transactional volume. Click here to view.

What payment gateways can I connect with Thryv Business Center?

Businesses can choose to apply for ThryvPay, Thryv’s payment provider built specifically for small business, or connect with one of our trusted payment partners integrated with Thryv: Stripe, Square or PayPal.

How secure are payments that are processed using Thryv?

As secure as it gets. Thryv Sales is fully integrated with our merchant accounts. They are in full control of all payment processing, security and fraud protection. This includes full PCI compliance and Secure Payment Processing.

Marketing Center

Do I have to complete the Quick Setup?

All questions are required to be answered except for the Facebook page URL and ID. You may skip this step and re-enter at a later time if you would like to run social ads.

Will I be notified when my campaign spend replenishes?

Yes, you will receive a reminder message that your Marketing Center Bank Account will replenish and also a confirmation of when this has been completed.

Do I have to have a Thryv website?

You are not required to have a Thryv website to use Marketing Center. You may leverage Marketing Center’s Auto Thryv ID and Heatmap by installing the scripts located on the Tools page under Thryv Visitor Tagging and Heatmap.

Can I take my trackable phone numbers with me if I do not continue my Marketing Center subscription?

No, you are not able to take your trackable phone number with you if you cancel.

Can I choose what platforms my ads appear on?

You have complete control over which channels your ads appear on. You can start and stop your campaigns at any time, change which channels they appear on and change overall spend and channel allocation.

Can I target customers in my area?

Absolutely, you can target by the radius of a zip code or city.

Do I have to run campaigns all year?

No, you can stop and start your paid ad campaigns and schedule them for a time that works best for your business.

What if I already have a Yelp enhanced Profile Account?

That’s great, your current account will transfer to your Marketing Center account.

What if I am currently a subscriber to Google My Business Optimization?

That’s great, your current account will transfer to your Marketing Center account.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to use Marketing Center?

You don’t need a Facebook account, but it is free, and Thryv recommends all businesses have a Facebook business page.

How much do I have to fund campaign spend?

30 days at your initial spend threshold. Example, if you set your campaign to run everyday, for $30/day, then $900 will be invested into your campaign bank.

When will my campaign bank be replenished?

When your campaign bank is at 5 days of remaining spend at current levels, it will attempt to replenish for another 30 days. If payment fails, it will continue once a day for the 5 remaining days. When the campaign bank reaches insufficient funds, all paid campaigns will automatically pause.


Why is there an onboarding fee?

The onboarding fee is charged so that we can make sure you are getting the most out of your Thryv. We will help you get set up and activate the features you need the most to get you started.


How long can I expect it will take to get set-up with Thryv?

Depending upon the reasons and features that you purchased Thryv, some may take a longer investment of time to set up vs. others. Our onboarding journey will help you get started and each call can take approx. an hour, depending upon your time and commitment.

What Services Level supports the Thryv product?

All paid Thryv levels will receive a dedicated Thryv Service Specialist. Free Command Center accounts can receive support through email and our online community.

If I need post-sales support, who do I contact?

Contact U.S. support at 844.99.THRYV (844.998.4798) and Australia support at 1800-468-4798. You can also connect with us right inside Thryv by clicking the orange circle at the right-hand bottom of the screen. It will open our Support where you can Email or Chat with us directly.

What Services Level supports the Thryv product?

*All payment processors may not be available in all countries.
You can contact Thryv Support at 844.99.THRYV (844.998.4798) and we are happy to assist or transfer you if needed. You can also contact Braintree/PayPal directly at 877.434.2894. For Braintree account creation/general questions, please call 800.514.4920. For Braintree Business Support (If you already have an account), please call 888.221.1161 . You can contact Stripe directly by emailing from your Stripe account login or going to their website

Should I give login access to my Business Advisor so they can help me set up my Thryv?

No. In fact this is against our company policy to give your login credentials or direct access to your Business Advisor. Our Thryv Service Specialists are happy to help you with on-boarding and activation of your Thryv features. Also, the best way to learn is when you are in the driver’s seat and our Business Advisors or Thryv Service Specialists are helping you learn by doing.

How do I download the Thryv Mobile App?

Go to Google Play or Apple Store and search for Thryv. Download for free and login with the same credentials you use on your desktop. Make sure you turn on your notifications so you can get instantly notified when anyone books an appointment, pays you, leaves you a review, and more. We also have an article for your reference, located here.


Where do I find Thryv Terms & Conditions?

View in-depth terms and conditions for your purchase here:

What are the contract terms for Thryv?

Thryv pricing in Australia is based on a six-month initial Subscription Period (charged monthly in advance). After the initial Subscription Period your Thryv subscription will automatically renew month to month and you will continue to be charged monthly in advance unless terminated by you in accordance with the terms. A ‘one off’ set up fee is applicable and charged in the first month and is $350 including GST. After the initial Subscription Period, you can cancel at any time by phoning 1800 GO THRYV (1800.468.4798). Cancellation fees apply if you cancel within the initial Subscription Period. The full terms that apply to your Thryv software are here.

Can I upgrade my Thryv level at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your package anytime inside Thryv. Go to settings -> Account and select package level requested. You can also purchase add-ons through this upgrade process.

What if I upgrade my Thryv during the contract term which I’ve paid in full?

Don’t worry, we will prorate the difference during the subscription terms.

What happens if I decided not to continue my Thryv subscription after the initial contract terms?

If you choose to cancel Thryv any time after your initial contract term, your Thryv will be taken down, including any features associated such as your website. If you change your mind within 60 business days, we can reactivate your existing Thryv and you will not lose any of your content or data.

Are there any businesses that cannot purchase Thryv?

There are five main category restrictions for Thryv: Pharmaceutical Companies, Marijuana-related businesses (CBD-related businesses are permitted, with limited features), Adult Services (escorts, and overtly sexually-oriented businesses), Dangerous product businesses (includes guns/weapons, explosives/ fireworks, tobacco/vape products, and drugs/drug paraphernalia). However, there may also be restrictions within other categories to elements of Thryv, such as social or text marketing. You can contact us here if you have questions about whether or not Thryv is a good fit for your business.

How do I cancel my Thryv?

We’re not happy if you’re not happy. Contact Client Care to resolve any issues or cancel.

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