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Improve efficiency with digital signatures

When you’re managing a small business, getting estimates, invoices and documents signed can be a major challenge. The task of printing, prepping and mailing documents for signature can consume a lot of staff time. Tracking each step of the signature process and ensuring every document is signed correctly is often a huge headache.

Digital signature software provides a better way to manage the signing process. By allowing customers to sign digital documents online, you can eliminate the headache of paper-based workflows while dramatically accelerating timelines. Tracking documents is a breeze – digital signature software can automatically show who has received, opened, viewed and signed each document, verifying that every page has been correctly signed or initialed. Ultimately, digital signatures help tame the complexity and minimize the hassle of managing document signing, so you and your staff can stay focused on getting work done.

As a do-it-all platform for managing small business, Thryv offers digital signature software to help simplify, protect and speed up your signature requests.

Challenges of managing the signature process

Online document signing software overcomes many of the difficulties that businesses encounter when trying to manage the signature process manually.

  • Organizational headaches. With paper-based signing processes, it’s hard for businesses to know exactly where each the contract is, whether it’s been signed or mailed back, and whether every document has been correctly signed and initialed by each party.
  • Inefficient workflows. It can take days or weeks to get documents signed manually. Businesses must either find a time where signers can meet in person or send documents through the mail and wait until individuals sign and return the files.
  • Security issues. It’s easy for hard copies of confidential documents to be lost in the mail, misplaced or misfiled. When private documents are mailed to signers, businesses never know who else has seen the file.
  • Costly processes. The staff time involved in managing manual signatures can be costly, and printing and postage only add to the expense of the signature process.

Digital signature software from Thryv

Thryv’s end-to-end platform delivers the small business tools, technology and automation you need to manage daily activities, communicate with clients and grow your business. The Thryv platform offers comprehensive solutions – from marketing automation tools to invoicing solutions and customer management software. With 20+ industry customizations and a fully mobile interface, Thryv gives you access to the kind of technologies usually reserved for bigger companies.

As part of a complete document management solution, Thryv’s digital signature software enables you to:

  • Simplify requests. Quickly create templates with drag-and-drop fields. Set a specific signing order if needed. View signing progress at a glance with real time updates in the Thryv dashboard.
  • Automate signing. Choose a custom template from your library or create a new template with signature blocks and checkboxes. Once you send the signing request to your recipients, Thryv automatically follows up with daily reminders. Once all electronic signatures are collected, Thryv automatically syncs the document in your Thryv CRM.
  • Improve document security. With Thryv, documents are protected by tamperproof templates and signature fields. The Thryv platform is secured by cutting-edge encryption and custom account access controls.
  • Provide a better customer experience. Thryv offers your customers an easier way to sign documents online. Daily reminders, intuitive signing fields and helpful communication at every step ensure a smooth and frictionless signing process.

Additional document management solutions

Along with a solution for digital signatures, Thryv offers document management tools and document sharing software that help control clutter, eliminate paper-based systems and make documents easy to store and find.

  • Secure storage. Thryv lets you securely request, store and share documents directly with your contacts, storing them in Thryv’s secure, centralized repository.
  • Easy access. With Thryv, you’ll never lose track of important documents again. Safely store documents for both internal and external use, adding documents directly or requesting them from your contacts.
  • Strong security. Thryv lets you choose exactly who to share documents with and when. Easily store private documents linked to customer accounts, marking documents as private to keep everything safe.
  • Edit documents collaboratively. Edit and share documents back and forth – Thryv stays on top of your changes and makes it easy to identify the most recent version.

Why customers choose Thryv

More than 66,000 small business owners trust Thryv to help them communicate more easily, work more efficiently and grow the business more profitably. Customers choose Thryv for several key reasons.

  • A do-it-all platform. With Thryv, you can log in once and access all the tools you need to run your business in one place. That means no more logging in to multiple applications or switching between various browser windows all day long.
  • Anywhere access. You can access Thryv anywhere, on any device – laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Wherever you go, you’ll always have the tools you need to run your business at your fingertips.
  • Easy integration. Thryv works seamlessly with other business productivity tools like QuickBooks, Indeed, MailChimp, Gmail, Square, Yext and many others. With Thryv, you and your employees can keep using the tools you know and love while adding the power of Thryv’s comprehensive solutions to your workflow.
  • Unlimited support. Enjoy access to unlimited, 24/7 support from small business specialists who bring both small business expertise and technical know-how to the table.

Digital signature FAQs

Your digital signature questions, answered.

What is a digital signature?

In document management, a digital signature process allows individuals to sign a digital document online rather than signing a physical document in person.

What are the benefits of digital signatures?

Digital signatures provide greater convenience for signers and a faster, less expensive process for businesses. With digital signatures, it’s easier for businesses to know exactly where each document is in the signing process and to ensure document security with audit trails.