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Create landing pages for your paid ads in minutes (not days).

Use customizable templates to create professional landing pages for your paid campaigns– no software, fancy website or design skills required.

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Build Trust

Don’t just act professional– look professional with a landing page that will ‘wow!’ customers.

  • Landing pages are proven to convert leads better than a website because of their focus.
  • Create a seamless customer experience from the moment they click on your ad to when they convert on your landing page.
  • Build your brand's reputation by establishing an online presence that’s clear, intuitive, and easy to use.
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Save Time

Save time with landing pages that can be built at lightning speed.

  • A single landing page can be built with our templates in under 30 minutes.
  • Help customers find answers fast and make it easy for them to buy, schedule, or book through your landing page.
  • Stress less and save time with mobile-responsive templates that are made to maximize your ad impact.
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Landing Page Templates Q&A

Questions about landing page templates? We’ve got answers.

What kind of efforts are in place to protect Marketing Center against fraudulent clicks?

There are two levels of protection. Marketing Center monitors and uses both human and automated processes to shut down any sites that are deemed as allowing “non-human” traffic and will suspend or terminate these sources at our discretion. Further, we detect any fraudulent conversions and clicks and will delete them accordingly.

What is a "Landing Page" and why would I want to send leads there rather than my website?

A landing page is designed with the sole purpose of converting more traffic by focusing on one call to action. A website is designed to provide customers with general information about all aspects of your business and give multiple ways to contact you. Landing pages are proven to convert leads better than a website because of their focus.

1. Applies to all paid products.