Email marketing for small business

Simplifying email marketing for small business

When it comes to marketing your small business, social media may be the shiny new object, but email remains the most effective way to reach your customers. You’re six times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than a post on social media, and email is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter when acquiring new customers.

While most small business owners understand the need to stay in touch with customers via email, finding the time to write messages and create campaigns can be challenging. That’s where Thryv can help. As a do-it-all platform for small business management, Thryv delivers tools that dramatically simplify email marketing for small business – and let you get back to doing the work you love.

6 ways to make email marketing easier and more successful

Email marketing for small business doesn’t have to be a chore. The following tips can help you improve results while reducing the time it takes to produce effective campaigns.

Rely on templates
Business email templates let you create an email once and, after filling in a few simple details, send it to hundreds or thousands of customers. Welcome emails, birthday messages, thank-you notes and special offers can all be produced quickly from a well-crafted template.

Schedule messages in advance
Most email marketing software for small business will let you schedule your emails in advance. That means you can draft one-off announcements or email campaigns on your own time – usually after business hours – and schedule them to go out at prime time without any intervention from you.

Automate campaigns
Automated, trigger-based marketing campaigns can automatically email prospects and customers at the most effective times. For instance, whenever someone joins your email list on your website, an automated small business email marketing solution can send a welcome message along with an initial offer. Or when a regular customer hasn’t made a purchase in the last two months, your automated email system can send a note to check in and offer a discount on products or services they usually buy.

Segment your email lists
By segmenting your contacts according to the types of products and services they favor, the frequency of their purchases or the amount of money they usually spend, you can send emails that are more relevant to the needs and behavior of your customers.

Measure your success
Tracking the performance of your email campaigns is the only way to improve over time. Most solutions for email marketing for small business will track metrics like open rate, click-through rate, balance rate and unsubscribe rate, which can help you understand where you’re doing well and where you can improve.

Thryv’s solutions for email marketing for small business

Thryv offers an end-to-end platform with solutions for small business management that can help you automate your work to free up more time for your customers.

Thryv’s technology for email marketing for small business makes it easy for small business owners and employees to achieve greater results while investing less time and effort.

Create trigger-based campaigns
Set up automated, trigger-based campaigns with just a few clicks. Choose the events that will trigger each email, then turn the campaign on and let Thryv automatically send messages when the time is right.

Schedule one-off announcements
From “Happy Anniversary” messages to “We miss you!” emails, Thryv makes it easy to create one-off announcements in advance and send them when you’re ready.

Track important details
The Thryv dashboard provides detailed analytics and insights on the success of your email campaigns and the number of conversions they achieve. Tracking the number of opens, views and clicks for each email can help you make adjustments to improve your email marketing efforts.

Simplify creative with ready-to-send emails
Thryv’s solution for email marketing for small business includes a massive library of pre-written emails for every occasion, customized for your type of business. When you want to send an announcement or create a campaign but lack inspiration, simply access and edit one of Thryv’s templates and send it with one click.

Additional solutions on the Thryv platform

Along with email marketing tools for small business, Thryv offers comprehensive software solutions for managing nearly every aspect of your business.

  • Online appointment scheduling software lets customers go online day or night to request or book at their convenience, reducing the time your staff needs to spend on the phone. Automated reminders help eliminate no-shows.
  • Sales and payment solutions let you send interactive estimates and invoices online while giving customers more ways to pay.
  • Social media tools make it easy to post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from one location, using pre-written templates when you are fresh out of things to say. Create and schedule content beforehand and let Thryv post it at the right time to maximize visibility.
  • Online presence software lets you input your business information once and have it automatically posted to 40+ trusted online listings sites. By synchronizing your information across all sites, you can increase confidence in your business with consumers and search engines.
  • Google Business Profile optimization services simplify the process of claiming and managing your Google Profile to improve search rankings and let customers find you more easily.
  • Client portal technology provides a secure space where customers can log in to send messages, share documents, access information, schedule appointments and make payments.
  • Customer communication software lets you reach out to customers via their preferred channel – email, text, social and others – while keeping track of all communications in client-specific threads in a centralized inbox.
  • Customer relationship management solutions make it easy to keep track of every customer and interaction and to nurture leads and opportunities through automated, regular communication.
  • Reputation management services help generate more reviews by automatically asking customers at the right time. Thryv lets you know when customers post comments online and helps you respond within a single business day – even when you’re too busy to do it yourself.
  • Document storage and sharing technology helps you eliminate paper clutter and securely request, store and share digital documents online.

Why Thryv?

From appointment booking software for stylists and scheduling software for dentists to CRM technology for home services companies, Thryv provides all the tools small businesses need to stay organized and operate efficiently. As a do-it-all solution, Thryv lets you log in once to access all the tools you need, rather than repeatedly logging in to multiple platforms throughout the day.

Available on any internet-connected device from any location, Thryv integrates easily with popular business applications like QuickBooks, PayPal, Zoom, Square, Gmail and many others. That means you and your employees don’t have to give up the tools you are comfortable with as you adopt Thryv’s solutions. Cutting-edge data encryption and custom access controls ensure the safety of your customer information and business data. Unlimited support from small business specialists delivers the help you need 24/7.

Email marketing for small business FAQs

Your email marketing for small business questions, answered.

What is email marketing for small business?

Email marketing is the practice of communicating with leads and customers through email. Email marketing tools help to automate and simplify the tasks of managing lists, creating messages and sending them at the right time. Solutions for email marketing for small business provide easy-to-use tools that can be managed by employees who may not have a background in marketing or technology.

What are trigger-based email marketing campaigns?

Trigger-based campaigns simplify email marketing by automatically sending messages to leads and customers who meet specific criteria or at certain times. Triggers may be based on dates like birthdays and anniversaries, on time frames like one week after purchase, or on attributes such as interest in certain products or services.