Business Email Template

The power of business email templates

Every small business owner knows that email marketing is a highly effective way to stay in touch with customers. But that knowledge doesn’t make the task of creating, sending and tracking email campaigns any easier.

That’s where business email templates can help. Templates let you write and design an email once and then use it over and over again with only the slightest adjustments for each new message. Business email templates also help you avoid errors and typos while ensuring that your messaging and layouts are always consistent.

As an end-to-end the platform filled with solutions for business management, Thryv offers business email templates along with email marketing tools for small business. With business email templates from Thryv, you can stay in touch with customers more easily while spending less time on marketing and more time actually running your business.

The most important templates for email marketing

Here are the five most helpful business email templates.

  • The welcome email. Every time someone opts into your email list, you’ll want to send an email welcoming them along with an introductory offer for your products and services. By automating this task with a business email template, you can ensure you’ll never forget to follow up with a new customer again.
  • The newsletter. A regular newsletter is a great way to keep in touch and keep your business top of mind with contacts, leads and customers. Weekly or monthly newsletters can cover new products and services, share information and tips your customers will find helpful, and include reminders about how to get in touch with you. A template helps to minimize the effort involved in writing and laying out your content for each new newsletter.
  • The permission pass. Every 6 to 12 months, it’s helpful to send a permission pass email that asks cold contacts whether they want to keep receiving messages from you. While some customers may choose to opt out, others will reengage. In the end, regularly scrubbing your email list will keep you from sending unwanted emails that could tarnish your company’s domain reputation. The permission pass is a perfect example of an email template that works.
  • The special offer email. A majority of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly from businesses they support.i Your template for special offers might include a free consultation, a buy one/get one offer, an offer for free shipping or the promise of a gift card with every purchase.
  • The thank you email. Sending an automated thank you email after every purchase is a great way to express your gratitude and to remind customers of other products and services you offer.

Business email templates – and more – from Thryv

Thryv’s do-it-all platform for small businesses provides powerful solutions that can be managed from a central dashboard. With comprehensive tools for finding customers, organizing work and nurturing relationships, Thryv lets you and your team take advantage of tools and technologies that are usually reserved for bigger businesses.

Thryv’s small business email marketing solutions include business email templates and tools for automation that help to increase the quality of your campaigns while reducing the effort required to produce them. Thryv’s email marketing software for small business:

  • A library of business email templates. Thryv’s massive library of ready-to-send emails provides templates for every occasion and subject. Customized for your type of business, our pre-written templates make it easy to find the perfect message and send it in just one click.
  • Automatic one-off announcements. With Thryv, you can schedule one-off announcements at the perfect time. From birthday greetings to special offers, Thryv makes it easy to create email announcements in advance and send them when you’re ready.
  • Trigger-based marketing campaigns. Thryv’s email automation technology lets you create trigger-based campaigns that send the right message to each customer at the ideal time. Messages can be triggered when customers buy a product or use a service, when they haven’t visited your store or website lately, on their birthdays or by other criteria you choose.
  • Detailed analytics and insights. The best way to improve the success of your email campaigns is to constantly measure results. The Thryv dashboard provides all the metrics you need to see what’s working and what’s not so you can constantly improve your email capabilities.
  • Widgets for growing your email lists. In email marketing for small business, it’s imperative that you only send emails to people who have agreed to receive them. Thryv provides customizable widgets for your website that let customers easily opt in to your email and text lists while you stay in compliance with laws concerning spam.

Additional solutions from Thryv

Along with solutions for email marketing for small business and business email templates, Thryv offers additional technologies that can improve communications with customers.

Thryv’s customer relationship management (CRM) technology combines all your customer lists in a single solution that lets you find, filter, tag and track your contacts how you want, making it easier to engage and nurture prospects and customers.

Client portal
Thryv provides a secure location online where your customers can log in to schedule appointments, make payments, share documents or send messages.

Online appointment scheduling
Simplify scheduling and free up hours in your day by giving customers the option to book or request appointments on their own. Thryv’s appointment scheduling software lets customers go online anytime, day or night, to find openings in your calendar and book or request appointments.

Customer communication
Thryv’s centralized inbox shows every customer communication in a single thread, no matter where it came from. Whether they prefer email, texts, Google or Facebook messenger, you can communicate with each customer on the channel of their choice while viewing every message in a single inbox.

A professional website
Thryv’s in-house designers can give your online brand an upgrade by building a new website for your business. In addition to professional copy and design and compelling calls to action, our team will optimize your site to keep you as visible as possible with top search engines.

Reputation management
Thryv helps you generate more reviews by automatically asking customers for reviews at the best times. Thryv’s online review management service lets you know the minute customers post comments online and helps you reply to reviews within one business day – even when you are too busy to do it yourself.

Document management
Thryv’s document storage and sharing technology lets you control paper clutter by managing documents online. Securely request, store and share documents directly with contacts, edit files online and keep track of changes easily.

Online invoicing
Thryv lets you issue invoices and estimates online, accept digital payments and automate payment reminders to help you get paid faster.

Why Thryv?

Thryv provides a platform for business management solutions that let business owners stop worrying about managing technology and get back to doing what they love – running their businesses. From a single dashboard with a single login, business owners can manage nearly every aspect of their companies more efficiently.

As a SaaS solution, Thryv scales easily to accommodate additional employees, locations, products and services while integrating easily with solutions like QuickBooks, Gmail, Zoom, PayPal and more. From scheduling software for dentists to CRM technology for law firms and small business payment solutions for boutiques, Thryv’s easy-to-use platform helps business owners get more done in less time and with less effort.


Business Email Template FAQs

Your business email template questions, answered.

What is a business email template?

A business email template is an email with text and a design that can be quickly customized and sent to a recipient with minimal effort. Business email templates typically serve a specific function, like welcoming a new customer, thanking a customer for a purchase, offering greetings on a customer’s birthday or reminding a customer about an upcoming event.

What are the benefits of business email templates?

Business email templates help to minimize the time and effort required to send high-quality email messages to customers and prospects. Templates also provide consistency in messaging and ensure that specific language is always included in email messages.