Appointment scheduling software

Add hours to your day with appointment scheduling software

If you’re still booking appointments by playing phone tag with customers, automated appointment scheduling software can deliver some pretty extraordinary benefits.

With the right appointment scheduling platform, your customers can go online anytime 24/7 to view your schedule, find an opening that works for them, and book or request an appointment. For customers, online appointment scheduling software provides the freedom to book appointments on their own time, usually after business hours. For you and your staff, automated appointment booking services remove the need to schedule appointments by answering the phone all day long or returning customer calls in the margins of your day. Ultimately, appointment scheduling software is the kind of technology that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while eliminating one of the more tedious parts of running a business.

When you’re ready to explore an automated solution, Thryv can help. Our do-it-all business management platform includes easy-to-use booking software for small businesses that will help you fill your schedule with less effort for you and more convenience for customers.

What’s important in appointment scheduling software?

When you’re comparing appointment scheduling solutions, keep these essential features in mind.

  • Fast setup. Rather than software that you have to install, the best appointment scheduling applications are cloud-based solutions that let you set up your service within hours or minutes. With software that offers an easy-to-use interface, you can sign up for services and start booking appointments the same day.
  • Effortless customization. Excellent small business scheduling software should let you customize the features for the way you do business. Look for a solution that lets you customize the kinds of appointments, services, locations and prices you want to offer.
  • Automated reminders. One of the best features of appointment scheduling software is the ability to automatically confirm bookings and send reminders as appointments approach. This saves you and your staff from needing to check in with customers ahead of time to prevent no-shows.
  • Classes, packages, and recurring appointments. What’s better than automatically booking appointments? Automatically booking multiple appointments simultaneously. The right scheduling software should let customers purchase series of classes, packages of appointments, or multiple bookings, helping to improve your revenue.
  • More ways to pay. A good appointment scheduling solution should also include options to accept payments when appointments are booked. This feature not only improves your cash flow but reduces the chance that a customer won’t show up.

Appointment scheduling software from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end platform that delivers all the tools you need to communicate with customers, grow your business, and manage daily operations. With solutions for invoicing, CRM, marketing, reputation management, online presence and social media, Thryv streamlines tasks and automate processes to simplify your day.

Thryv’s appointment scheduling software takes the headache out of managing calendars, scheduling appointments, and sending reminders. By simply adding a “Book Now” button to your emails or your website, you can let customers go online anytime day or night to view your availability and book or request an appointment.

With Thryv’s appointment booking software, you can:

  • Take control of your calendar. With Thryv, you can give customers the option to automatically book open slots in your schedule or to request times that you approve later, giving you more control. Customize your schedule by choosing the type of calendar, length of appointments, services and pricing you offer, and days and times you’re available.
  • Reduce no-shows. Send automated reminders via text and email to minimize cancellations and last-minute schedule changes. Thryv also lets you accept full or partial payment when customers book appointments, discouraging no-shows and improving cash flow.
  • Synchronize calendars for your team. Manage your team’s schedules or give team members access to manage their own clients and services. Synchronize calendars to prevent overbooking and to keep track of every employee’s book of business.
  • Drive more revenue and build customer loyalty. Offer customized classes and events to encourage repeat visits, managing registration and communication before and after the event. Offer packages of services to generate recurring revenue and increase customer loyalty.

The benefits of Thryv’s scheduling software

Thryv’s appointment scheduling software offers big benefits for you and your customers.

  • Save time. Allowing customers to book or request their own appointments eliminates all the time you and your staff spend answering the phone, listening to voicemails, and returning calls.
  • Increase bookings. Many customers can’t take time to book appointments for services until the evening hours when your business may be closed. Appointment scheduling software lets customers access your calendar anytime 24/7, allowing you to capture more appointments with more patrons.
  • Reduce no-shows. When customers take the initiative to book their own appointments online at times that are convenient for them, they are less likely to forget about the appointment or fail to show up.
  • One up your competitors. Amazingly, more than 75% of service businesses don’t offer appointment booking services online.i When you provide this convenient service for your customers, you can set yourself apart from competitors and win a bigger share of business.
  • Enhance cash flow. Allowing customers to pay at the time they book an appointment can accelerate your cash flow and streamline your invoicing processes.

Why customers love Thryv

Tens of thousands of small business owners choose Thryv to organize their work and manage daily business operations more efficiently. From estimating software for plumbers to marketing automation solutions for yoga studios and small business website packages for law firms, Thryv offers comprehensive tools for managing nearly every aspect of any small business. Whether you’re looking to generate more customers, simplify your workflows, increase your cash flow or build a stronger online reputation, Thryv provides all the tools you need in one simple package that seamlessly integrates with the software platforms you already use.

With Thryv, you can login once and access Thryv tools all day long. As a cloud-based service, the Thryv platform is available on virtually any device from any location. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access controls keep your business data and customer information safe. And Thryv delivers unlimited support 24/7, provided by specialists who have both technical expertise and business know-how.


Appointment scheduling software FAQs

Your appointment scheduling software questions, answered.

What is appointment scheduling software?

Appointment scheduling software is a tool that lets customers schedule or request appointments online, using any web-connected device at their convenience.

What are the advantages of automated scheduling software?

With appointment scheduling software that lets customers book or request appointments on their own, small businesses owners and teams can spend much less time on the phone. Appointment scheduling software is more convenient for customers, especially those who prefer to take time to schedule services after hours. The convenience and flexibility of appointment scheduling solutions demonstrates a business’ commitment to customer service, ultimately helping to improve loyalty and customer experiences.