Google may reign supreme, but not all searches are performed on search engines. Directories, business listing sites, and social media all expand your company’s reach and help you attract valuable leads at an inexpensive cost.  

Whether free or paid, business listing sites are marketplaces worth spending budget on. They make it easier to discover your business and provide potential customers with the information needed to buy something from your company. 

In this post, we’ll explain why you should add your information to business listing sites and online directories. Then, we’ll review a list of sites to choose from and explain the benefits of each.

Get Your Business Found Online

Get Your Business
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Are you ready to get serious about your online listings?

What is a directory site? 

A directory site is a website that lists information about companies or other websites and categorizes them in numerous ways. For example, Yelp is a popular directory site centered around customer reviews. You can search for businesses in your area and filter results by how many stars customers have given each business. 

Several other sites allow you to filter results based on location, pricing, services, and more. In fact, Thryv’s online listing tool supports over 40 different websites – so we know it can be difficult to keep track of multiple at once.  

Before we dive into a list of directories, let’s explain why it’s worth your time to submit information to each one.  

Should you submit your business information to online directories? 

Yes! You should submit your business information and website to relevant directories. Free or paid, it’s important to control your business profile on these sites because it allows you to engage with consumers when they’re actively looking to purchase something from your business.  

This is particularly important for SMBs because you’re competing directly with other providers in your area. For instance, suppose your landscaping company pops up as the first result for my search, and you have great reviews. In that case, I’m going to be really interested in working with your business. That’s because consumers are looking for convenience. The listing site gets your name out there while your reviews, images, and ratings help close the deal.  

Once you claim your profile, update any inaccurate information, and provide details about your business that are a selling point or could draw in a new customer. Most importantly, claim ownership now so you can respond to positive and negative reviews in the future. 

How many business listing websites should I use? 

There’s no set number of directories your business should or shouldn’t be in. It’s the quality and relevancy of the directories that are important to keep in mind.  

Identify sites that are most relevant to your target audience. For example, if you’re running a restaurant, you want to be on Yelp, Apple Maps, and maybe even Snapchat. If you’re operating a commercial construction business, you might gravitate towards Angi, Yellow Pages, or other B2B listing sites.   

The point is: Unless you’re utilizing local listing software, you’ll want to focus your efforts on the sites that will yield the most engagement and potential customers.

Get Your Business Found Online

Get Your Business
Found Online

Are you ready to get serious about your online listings?

How to Tell Which Directories Are Legit 

If you’re interested in submitting your site to a directory, look at the other businesses listed on that site. If they feel similar or related to your own, you should feel safe submitting to and being a part of that neighborhood.  

The quality of the business profile sites is important, so stick to the best. The goal is to make sure that the directories publish the most accurate, up-to-date information about your business so you can reach potential customers where they are searching. 

51 Business Listing Websites for SMBs 

First things first, check your website listings with our free business check-up. 

Search to see if your business is already listed on any of these sites, then claim control of your existing listing instead of submitting a duplicate.   

We’ve also included a domain rating gathered from SEMrush, a tool that measures how search engines like Google value the authority or credibility of your site. Using this rating, we can see how Google views the authority of these sites on a scale of 1 to 100. The more accurate and trustworthy your site is, the higher your rating will be. 

Best Business Listing Websites 

1. Facebook 

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: Wide Audiences on Social Media 

Aside from being one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, Facebook provides many tools to create a business profile on its website. It’s quick, easy, and there’s a guided walkthrough that can streamline most of the process. 

local business listing site example - facebook

2. Google My Business 

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: Discovery on Search Engines 

Everyone uses Google, and its business profile tools are getting better by the day. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend taking ownership of this listing because of Google’s sheer volume of users.  

local business listing site: Google

3. X 

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: Quickly and Immediate Interactions  

X (formerly Twitter) is another social media platform that offers business features. Although it’s not as large as Facebook, X is an excellent place to directly engage with new and existing customers online.  

local business listing site example: X 

4. LinkedIn 

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: Networking, Hiring, and Recruiting 

LinkedIn might not immediately come to mind as a place to attract new customers — but it’s an excellent site for establishing a professional online presence for your business. Use LinkedIn to network, source new talent, and share updates related to your company. 

local business listing website: linkedin

5. Tripadvisor 

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: Travel-Based Industries 

Tripadvisor is a valuable directory for businesses in high-tourism areas. This site helps travelers find businesses like yours on their vacations or business trips, making it easier to connect with an untapped customer base.  

local business listing site: tripadvisor

6. Yelp

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: Businesses With Great Customer Reviews  

Yelp is one of the most popular customer review websites. Yelp users are searching not only for contact information but also for high ratings and glowing testimonials of your business.  

local business listing website: yelp

7. Apple Maps 

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: iPhone Users 

Navigational apps like Apple Maps have become essential parts of the discovery process. Think about it – if you’re new to a location, you’ll pull up a map to search for businesses in your area. Or, you might add a stop to your directions while you’re traveling in the car.  

local business listing website: apple maps

8. Instagram for Business 

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: Businesses With Great Visual Content 

Instagram is great for showcasing images of your business. Consider posting pictures of your products, store, customers, events, and anything else that will generate engagement. 

local business listing website: instagram

9. TikTok

Domain Rating: 100 

Best For: Businesses With Video Content  

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media channels. In addition to being a great place to post content, it also has advertisement features that you can use to engage with a wider audience. 

local business listing website: tik tok


Domain Rating: 99 

Best For: Hotels and Travel Businesses 

Travel sites like make it easy for people to plan trips. They also provide businesses with a way to capitalize on customers who are temporarily in their area.  

local business listing website: expedia 

11. Trustpilot 

Domain Rating: 93 

Best For: Businesses With a lot of Customer Reviews 

Trustpilot is another customer review site that over 40 million consumers (about twice the population of New York State) use to discover local businesses. What’s great about Trustpilot is that it automatically filters your search by the best rating so you can quickly find a reputable business in your area.  

business listing website: trustpilot

12. Bing Places 

Domain Rating: 93 

Best For: People Who Don’t Use Google 

While most people use Google, Bing is also popular among many users. Search engines like Bing offer similar business profiles that you can use for your SMB. 

business listing website: bing places


Domain Rating: 90 

Best For: Car Dealerships 

If you own a car dealership, displays your inventory to prospective clients. Users search for a specific make and model of car, then browse through dealerships in their area that offer that vehicle.  

business listing websites:

14. Expedia 

Domain Rating: 89 

Best For: Hotels and Accommodations 

Expedia has plenty of filters to help find the best hotel or lodging for your trip. You can also search for spas and B&Bs – a feature that caters to small businesses. 

local business listing website: expedia

15. Snapchat Maps 

Domain Rating: 87 

Best For: Businesses With Audiences That Skew Younger 

Snapchat has over 400 million active monthly users, and that number continues to grow over time. One of its best features is its map, which lets you search for Snapchat stories in your area and access information about local businesses. 

business local listing site: snapchat

16. MapQuest 

Domain Rating: 86 

Best For: Businesses That Use Yelp 

To my surprise – and maybe yours, too – MapQuest still generates millions of views each month. It’s synchronized with Yelp so users can see all your business’s reviews when they search for a listing on the map. 

local business listing website: mapquest

17. Kayak 

Domain Rating: 85 

Best For: Hotels and Car Rentals 

Like Expedia, Kayak is another travel-based online directory. What sets it apart is its AI tool that lets users describe the type of trip they want to have and creates an itinerary based on that query. 

local business listing website: kayak

18. Foursquare 

Domain Rating: 82 

Best For: SMBs and Growing Businesses 

Foursquare is a consumer-centric business listing site. Users leave tips and advice for other people who are considering doing business with your company.  

local business listing website: foursquare 

19. Crunchbase 

Domain Rating: 76 

Best For: B2B Small Businesses 

Crunchbase is a B2B website that provides users with an in-depth analysis of various companies, giving sales teams more information to work with when closing deals. 

local business listing website: crunchbase

20. Yellow Pages 

Domain Rating: 75 

Best For: Service-Based Businesses  

Yellow Pages is a popular online directory that lets you create a free listing for your business. It’s primarily geared toward service-based industries. 

local business listing website: yellow pages

21. NextDoor 

Domain Rating: 71 

Best For: Discovering Businesses in Your Neighborhood 

When we say local, NextDoor means right-next-door local. This directory connects users with businesses in their immediate area. It’s free to sign up and offers features like ads that you can use to promote deals.  

local business listing website: nextdoor

22. Whitepages 

Domain Rating: 71 

Best For: Contractors and Service Providers 

Whitepages supplies users with background and security checks when searching for a provider. Users can filter results based on criminal records, fraud ratings, and more. 

local business listing website: white pages  

23. Zocdoc 

Domain Rating: 68 

Best For: Doctors and Medical Practitioners 

Zocdoc helps people find doctors and medical practitioners in their area. Users can search by location, rating, insurance provider, and more.  

local business listing website: zocdoc 

24. Thumbtack 

Domain Rating: 67 

Best For: Integrating With Customer Management Software 

Thumbtack is a business listing website that can be integrated with your customer management tools. This streamlines your communication process and helps close deals faster with new leads. 

local business listing site: thumbtack

25. Threads 

Domain Rating: 66 

Best For: Businesses That Are Active on Instagram 

Threads is effectively the Instagram equivalent of X. Since its launch in 2023, there are now over 160 million active Threads users

local business listing website: threads
Get Your Business Found Online

Get Your Business
Found Online

Are you ready to get serious about your online listings?

26. The Business Journals 

Domain Rating: 66 

Best For: B2B Businesses 

The Business Journals is a cross between a news site and an online directory. It’s ideal for B2B businesses and salespeople looking for new leads.  

local business listing website: business journals

27. HomeAdvisor 

Domain Rating: 59 

Best For: Contractors and Home Services Professionals 

HomeAdvisor helps homeowners find plumbers, electricians, handypeople, and other home improvement professionals.  

local business listing website: Homeadvisor 

28. Manta 

Domain Rating: 55 

Best For: Local SEO insights 

Manta is a business directory, but it also provides SEO services. It can be used to optimize your local listings and help your business rank higher on search engines. 

local business listing website: manta 

29. Infobel 

Domain Rating: 50 

Best For: European Small Businesses 

Infobel is a European job directory that connects small businesses around the world. Users start by selecting their country, then filter businesses by industry, location, rating, and more. 

infobel - local business listing website


Domain Rating: 44 

Best For: Small Business Operating in Cities is ideal for small businesses ranging from restaurants to remodeling contractors. Like other options on this list, it provides users with customer reviews, contact information, and directions to your business. 

local business listing website:

31. Show Me Local 

Domain Rating: 42 

Best For: Small Businesses Outside of the U.S. 

Show Me Local is a directory that provides local listings for the U.S. and other countries around the world. You can choose from over 30 countries, including Australia, Canada, France, and Germany.  

local business listing website: show me local 

32. Dexknows 

Domain Rating: 40 

Best For: Home Services 

Dexknows is a business listing website for companies that offer home services. It’s an ideal directory for electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and more. 

dexknows - local business listing website 

33. eLocal 

Domain Rating: 36 

Best For: Service-Based Businesses 

eLocal is a free listing site that only takes only a few minutes to sign up for. Or, you can use its search feature to see if your business is already listed and claim your listing from there. 

local business listing - elocal

34. Merchant Circle 

Domain Rating: 35 

Best For: Businesses With Multiple Locations 

Merchant Circle is a standard business listing website. It asks users to pick their location and industry, then provides a list of businesses in their area and a phone number to contact each.  

local business listing - merchant circle

35. EZLocal 

Domain Rating: 34 

Best For: Free Local Listings  

EZLocal works with search engines to make it easier for sites like Google and Bing to discover your business.  

local business listing website: ezlocal 

36. iBegin 

Domain Rating: 33 

Best For: Businesses With a Blog 

iBegin has over a million users in places like the U.S., Canada, UK, and New Zealand. In addition to submitting your business listing, you can also provide a listing for your blog, helping you get discovered and promote your company’s content.  

local business listing website: ibegin


Domain Rating: 32 

Best For: Businesses Operating in Canada 

If you’re operating in Canada, you should check out Yellow Pages’ Canadian site. Its filters and search features are comparable to any other website on this list. 

local business listing website: yellow pages ca 

38. Judy’s Book 

Domain Rating: 30 

Best For: Advanced Listing Features 

Judy’s Book is a premium listing site that requires businesses to pay a subscription to be listed. In return, businesses receive access to useful tools like online advertising and keyword analytics, which can help you attract more customers.  

judy's book - local business listing website

39. Angi 

Domain Rating: 29 

Best For: Plumbers, Handymen, Landscapers, and Contractors 

Angi, formerly Angie’s List, is a great directory for contractors. Users can describe their problem or project and Angi’s match feature will provide relevant businesses in their area.  

local business listing website: angi 

40. Insider Pages 

Domain Rating: 28 

Best For: Contractors and Home Services

What’s great about this website is that its interface is remarkably simple, and your company’s profile is just an empty page where you can write whatever you would like. This lets you personalize your listing however you see fit so you can promote the things that you know matter most. 

business listing website: insider pages

Get Your Business Found Online

Get Your Business
Found Online

Are you ready to get serious about your online listings?

Free Business Listing Websites in the U.S. 

41. Better Business Bureau 

Domain Rating: 79 

Best For: Businesses With Great Reputations 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a consumer-centric agency – but that doesn’t mean you don’t want your business listed here. In fact, having a great rating with the BBB is one of the best ways to legitimatize your business. 

bbb - business listing website

42. City Data 

Domain Rating: 66 

Best For: Restaurants 

City Data is a public database that supplies a range of information on different cities in the U.S. Its most relevant feature is its “restaurants” tab, which shows inspection findings and any violations given to restaurants in your area.  

city data - local business listing website  

43. Kompass 

Domain Rating: 57 

Best For: B2B Business in Need of Marketing Services 

Kompass is not only a listing site, but it also provides marketing services to small businesses. If you don’t have a marketing team, this might be a convenient choice for optimizing your listing efforts. 

local listing website - Kompass

44. Chamber of Commerce 

Domain Rating: 48 

Best For: Small Businesses in the U.S. 

The Chamber of Commerce helps small businesses grow by giving them tools to advertise to a larger customer base. This site was designed specifically for local business owners, so the features and interface are catered to people who are learning how to grow a company. 

CHAMBER OF commerce - business local listing website  

45. American Towns 

Domain Rating: 37 

Best For: Businesses With a Strong Community Presence 

American Towns is cool because it asks users to enter their zip code, and then creates a custom web page that’s personalized for that town. Users can search for businesses and browse through events, job listings, news, and more.  

american towns - business local listing website

46. Air Conditioning Contractors of America 

Domain Rating: 37 

Best For: HVAC and Air Conditioning Contractors 

This directory is specifically for HVAC and air conditioning contractors. It shows users information like your company’s address and website, and how to contact you.  

business local listing website - HVAC 

47. Hotfrog 

Domain Rating: 35 

Best For: Retail and Brick-and-Mortar Shops 

Hotfrog is a U.S.-based listing site intended for small and local businesses. It helps consumers find businesses in their area and provides booking services.  

business local listing website - hotfrog 

48. City Squares 

Domain Rating: 32 

Best For: Digital Agencies 

City Squares is like many of the other sites featured on this list. However, if you’re an enterprise or digital agency, you can apply to the Partner Program, which gives you access to the City Squares API. 

city squares - business local listing website

49. eBusiness Pages 

Domain Rating: 28 

Best For: Businesses Looking to Improve Their Online Reputation 

eBusiness Pages has a unique way of evaluating businesses on its website. In addition to star-rating, it uses badges and awards to recognize businesses with the best reputation in the U.S.  

ebusiness pages - local business listing website

50. US-Directory 

Domain Rating: 24 

Best For: Small Business of Various Industries 

This directory site has advanced features that let users search through over 50 different industries.  

city data - business listing website  


Domain Rating: 11 

Best For: Promoting Deals 

MyHuckleberry doesn’t just let you browse by company – you can search by deals, too. If you have a limited-time offer or a coupon that you’re trying to promote, for example, this might be a timely solution for your business. 

business local listing website - myhuckleberry

Keeping Your Business Listing Updated 

There are plenty of sites to choose from when it comes to business listings. You’ll want to sign up for a handful of these and keep them updated over time.   

The best way to stay on top of multiple business listings is with a local listing management tool. This software connects these sites to one place and lets you manage your public information from a centralized dashboard. It’s a worthwhile solution for business owners who want to grow their online presence but don’t have time to update 51 sites, one-by-one.