Billing software for lawyers

Increase profitability with billing software for lawyers

Invoicing clients for billable hours is a business-critical task for lawyers – and one that can easily become time consuming. From tracking time in 6-minute increments and reconciling retainers to managing a variety of hourly rates and ensuring legal compliance, the complexity of the billing process can take a great deal of time and chip away at profitability.

Superior billing software for lawyers can dramatically increase efficiency by automating processes and eliminating human error. When choosing billing software for solo practitioners and small legal practices, many lawyers today are turning to the do-it-all business management solution from Thryv.

The benefits of legal billing software

Superior billing software for attorneys and small law firms offers tremendous advantages over manual efforts and paper-based processes.

Greater efficiency
Automated billing software for lawyers can dramatically reduce the time required to prepare and send invoices and follow-up with payment reminders. By automating many time-consuming, tedious tasks, the right software can free up lawyers to work more billable hours and admins to take on higher value tasks.

Lower costs
Automation makes it far less costly to produce invoices, and transmitting invoices online eliminates the cost of printing, paper, envelopes and postage.

Fewer errors
Automated processes eliminate many of the mistakes caused by human error, helping avoid costly mistakes in underbilling as well as overbilling errors that can jeopardize client relationships.

Improved quality control
Automation brings greater consistency to invoicing, ensuring that the right information, instructions, disclaimers, and messages are always included in every invoice.

Easier audits
Automated billing software for lawyers keeps invoices strictly organized, making it easier to comply with requests for information from customers or auditors.

Thryv: automated billing software for lawyers

Thryv is an end-to-end solution that delivers all the tools you need to manage nearly every aspect of your practice with greater organization and efficiency. From enhancing your social media profile to nurturing customer relationships and tracking billable hours, Thryv helps you transform your business while minimizing time and effort.

Thryv’s billing software for lawyers lets you create professional estimates, invoices and receipts. Using data like hourly rates, filing fees and retention fees that have been captured within the platform, you can automate invoicing to achieve greater efficiency and reduce errors.

With Thryv, you can also:

  • Eliminate redundant backup-office work when creating estimates and invoices.
  • Process customer payments online or on the spot using mobile phones.
  • Provide customers with flexible payment plans, including retainers, installment plans and more.
  • Set up automated payment reminders that include past due balances.
  • Manage back-and-forth communication when reviewing, editing and approving payment details.
  • Produce digital receipts that include requests for online reviews.
  • Use Thryv’s invoice templates to generate professional digital invoices in seconds.
  • Accept payment via credit card, debit card, ACH, e-wallet and more.

More automated tools for legal practices from Thryv

In addition to automated billing software for lawyers, Thryv offers a variety of automated solutions that can increase efficiency and free up more time for billable hours.

Updating online listings
With Thryv, you can upload your business details once and have them automatically posted to 40+ business listing sites online, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and more. By automating this effort, you can ensure that your business info is consistent across sites, increasing confidence with customers and search engines.

Streamlining client intake
Digital client intake forms help gather information before an initial client meeting. Automating the process reduces the time required for lawyers and admins to collect and review information.

Automating document creation
Thryv stores frequently referenced documents and templates in a shared location, allowing you to easily add customizable documents, contracts and provisions to a client’s case file. Thryv makes finding documents simpler, allowing lawyers and admins to search a common database of files or files from an individual case.

Making marketing and CRM automatic
Thryv’s solution for CRM for law firms automates marketing campaigns so lawyers can stay focused on serving clients. Automated responses to inquiries help build relationships with new clients, and follow-up reminders keep existing clients engaged. By automatically sending a message a few months after a case has ended, you can prompt a satisfied client to write a review online or recommend your firm to their contacts.

Thryv also provides online payment methods for small business, online scheduling software, small business online credit card processing services, social media tools, customer portal services and reputation management services that help companies understand how to build a good reputation in business.

Why customers love Thryv

Trusted by 40,000+ business owners, Thryv provides all the tools you need to manage your small business in one place.

  • One login and one dashboard. Thryv’s software solutions let you manage your business without needing to login to multiple apps all day long or bounce between different platforms and browser windows.
  • Business tools when you need them. With Thryv, the tools you need to run your business are always at your fingertips. You can access Thryv from any location, on any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Easy integration. Thryv integrates seamlessly with the software, productivity tools and platforms your team is already using like QuickBooks, WordPress, Zoom and many more. That means you don’t have to abandon the software you’re already familiar with as you get up to speed with solutions on the Thryv platform.
  • Strong security. Cutting-edge encryption technology and customizable account access ensure that sensitive customer information and business data are highly protected.
  • Unlimited support. Thryv is the only small business software that offers personalized set up and support from representatives who are small business specialists and technical experts. With support available 24/7, you can always get expert help when you need it.

Billing software for lawyers FAQs

Your billing software for lawyers questions, answered.

What is billing software for lawyers?

Billing software for lawyers streamlines the process of creating and sending invoices. Automated billing software significantly reduces the time required to produce invoices, freeing up more billable hours for lawyers and allowing legal admins to focus on higher value activities.

What are the benefits of automated billing software for lawyers?

Automated billing software eliminates human error, increases efficiency, keeps invoicing data organized and easy to find, and eliminates the cost of sending paper-based invoices through the mail.