Billing software for attorneys

How billing software for attorneys can increase efficiency

While law firms and solo practitioners revolve around billable hours, the task of invoicing clients for time and expenses can be a huge drain on productivity. With work billed in 6- or 12-minute increments at a range of rates against a variety of contracts and retainers, the complexity of billing means invoicing often consumes far too much time for attorneys and legal admins.

The right billing software for attorneys can help by automating manual processes, eliminating human error and allowing lawyers and staff to spend more time on productive, billable tasks. When you’re searching for the right billing software for attorneys, consider Thryv’s do-it-all platform that delivers all the tools you need to run virtually every aspect of your business.

The advantages of automated billing software

The right billing software for lawyers and legal firms can deliver big benefits in efficiency and cost reduction.

Improved efficiency
By automating many manual, paper-based tasks, billing software for attorneys can dramatically reduce the time required from lawyers and admins to prepare, transmit and collect payment on invoices.

Reduced expenses
Along with savings in time, automated billing software eliminates the cost of printing, paper, envelopes, postage and physical storage for client invoices.

Greater consistency
Automated billing technology drastically reduces the chance of human error that may result in lost revenue from underbilling or unhappy clients who have been overbilled.

Enhanced quality control
When invoices are produced through a consistent, automated process, attorneys can be sure that every document sent to clients will contain the right information, instructions, messages and appropriate legal language.

Efficient organization
Automating and digitizing invoices makes it easy to keep everything organized and readily available for client review or audits.

Thryv’s automated billing software for attorneys

Thryv software provides the technology that attorneys and legal firms need to land clients, manage workflows, communicate with clients and keep cash flowing. In addition to invoicing software for small businesses and law firms, our platform offers a suite of integrated solutions for managing nearly every aspect of your practice, from marketing and client portals to CRM and reputation management.

Thryv’s billing software for attorneys automates the process of creating estimates, sending invoices and issuing receipts. With Thryv, attorneys and legal firms can:

  • Efficiently produce invoices from data captured and retained within the Thryv platform, such as hourly rates, filing fees and retention fees.
  • Generate professional invoices from Thryv’s invoice templates in seconds.
  • Eliminate redundant back-office work when creating estimates and invoices.
  • Accept a variety of payment plans, including retainers upon booking, installment plans and other arrangements.
  • Process payments online or in person, using any device.
  • Accept payment via credit card, debit card, ACH, e-wallet and more.
  • Use automated payment reminders that include past due balances to improve cash flow and avoid late payments.
  • Easily monitor the back-and-forth communication around reviewing, editing and approving payment details.
  • Issue digital receipts for clients that include requests for online reviews.

A do-it-all platform for managing your legal practice

Along with billing software for attorneys, Thryv offers a broad variety of additional solutions for managing your practice more efficiently.

Building your online presence
Thryv automatically syncs your business information across 40+ trusted listing sites online – including Google Business Profile – enabling customers to find you faster and improving credibility with search engines. Thryv can also build a website for you with a professional design, compelling calls to action and features that improve your visibility with top search engines.

Improving social media
Publish content from one place by connecting your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Create content and schedule social media posts in advance, letting Thryv choose the best time to post for maximum visibility. Get inspiration from Thryv’s pre-built posts when you’re at a lack for things to say.

Automating marketing efforts
Use Thryv’s marketing automation tools to set up trigger-based campaigns and one-off announcements. Consult a massive library of ready-to-send texts and emails for any occasion. Track your results with detailed analytics and insights.

Streamlining communication
Connect with your customers on their channels of choice: email, text or social media. From one inbox on the Thryv platform you can view every conversation on every channel in client-specific threads, no matter where the message came from.

Nurturing customer relationships
Thryv solutions enhance CRM for law firms by making client data available in one central location, organized in ways that make sense for your practice. Custom fields let you find, filter, tag and track clients any way you want, and automated communications ensure that lawyers and admins will never forget to follow-up with clients again.

Simplifying scheduling
Maximize billable hours with online scheduling software that delivers visibility into your staff’s caseload and schedule. Automate text and email reminders so clients never miss an appointment or court date. Manage your calendar to maximize productivity.

Managing documents online
Simplify document management with Thryv’s online document storage services. Securely request, store and share documents online. Enable attorneys, admins and clients to edit documents online while Thryv tracks changes and keeps tabs on the most recent version.

Enhancing your business reputation
Generate better online reviews by automatically asking for reviews when invoicing customers, completing appointments or processing payments. Receive immediate notifications when reviews and comments are posted on major sites. Rely on Thryv to help respond to reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook within one business day, even when you’re too busy to manage it yourself.

Why Thryv?

Thousands of small business owners turn to Thryv for the tools they need to simplify business management. From small business email marketing solutions to an online scheduler for small business, Thryv delivers the capabilities to help organize work and manage the business more efficiently.

As a do-it-all platform, Thryv lets you avoid deploying a variety of point solutions that require employees to toggle back and forth all day between different applications and platforms. With Thryv, data entered in one application and will be immediately available in every other tool. You can use Thryv anywhere, on any device – smart phones, laptops, tablets and desktops, putting business productivity tools at your fingertips no matter where you are working. With unlimited customer service available 24/7, you can quickly resolve issues or get answers to your questions. Cutting-edge encryption and custom access controls ensure that your legal data and sensitive client information is well protected.

Billing software for attorneys FAQs

Your billing software for attorneys questions, answered.

What is billing software for attorneys?

Billing software for attorneys simplifies and automates the tasks of creating invoices, transmitting them to clients and collecting payment.

What are the advantages of automated billing software for attorneys?

By reducing the time required to produce invoices, automated billing software can free up attorneys and legal admins to spend time on client work and projects that benefit the business.