Online document storage services

Simplify collaboration with online document storage services

Many small businesses today are awash in documents. From estimates, quotes, invoices and proposals to project plans, spreadsheets, legal docs and medical records, the volume of documents that must be tracked, stored and shared can be overwhelming.

Online document storage services can help by eliminating paper clutter, simplifying organization and automating the tasks of storing, requesting, sharing, tracking and securing business files. With the right file storage and sharing software, you can collaborate more easily with employees and clients while improving productivity and eliminating the complexity of tracking multiple versions.

As an end-to-end business management platform, Thryv offers online document storage services to help you finally control the clutter, minimize costs and manage a myriad of files with ease.

The advantages of storing and sharing documents online

Online document storage services deliver big benefits for businesses and workers.

  • Enhance productivity. With an online solution for storing sharing documents, you and your employees will spend a lot less time sending and sharing documents, tracking requests, organizing files, looking for documents and searching through reams of paper for the information you need.
  • Improve security. The best online document storage services provide outstanding protection, including encryption and audits trails that can track every time a document was accessed by a user.
  • Control permissions. Online document solutions will let you set permissions that only allow certain members of your team to access client files and sensitive information.
  • Automate collection. Rather than manually requesting documents from customers and constantly checking to see if you’ve received them, an online system will manage these tasks automatically.
  • Access documents everywhere. With an online solution, you and your employees have access to documents anywhere you need them on any device.
  • Easier collaboration. Superior online document storage services will allow employees and clients to collaborate and edit documents online, keeping track of changes so you always have access to the most recent version.
  • Simplify compliance. Regulations like HIPAA, SOX and FERPA have individual requirements for how certain documents must be stored, secured and tracked. Superior solutions for document sharing for small business will simplify this important task.

Online document storage services with Thryv

Thryv is a do-it-all business management platform that provides the tools you need to find more customers, manage work more efficiently, get paid faster and organize your business. From marketing automation and customer communication to invoicing and document storage, Thryv simplifies the tasks involved in managing nearly every area of your small business.

Thryv’s online document storage services make it easy to share and manage documents more efficiently. With Thryv, you can securely request, store and share documents directly with any contact, storing everything online to eliminate paper clutter and do away with rows of file cabinets.

Make documents easy to find
Thryv’s online file storage for small business streamlines the process of requesting and sharing documents with colleagues and customers, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the process. You and your employees can add documents to any client account and request them directly from your contacts. Flexible permissions let you determine exactly who can access files and when.

Track files
Put an end to versioning headaches with Thryv. Edit and share files back and forth while letting Thryv track the most recent version of any document.

Keep documents secure
Thryv makes it easy to keep sensitive information and private customer data safe and secure. Mark documents as private and choose who can see what.

Store multiple documents
Thryv lets you add multiple documents at once, including most common file types such as text documents, spreadsheets, images, PDFs, gifs and zip files.

Thryv: an end-to-end platform for managing your business

Thryv offers the ultimate collection of small business solutions on a platform that you can access from anywhere, on any device. Via a centralized dashboard, you can view and manage all your business activities in invoicing, payments, marketing, sales, CRM, scheduling, social media, customer communications and more.

Thryv’s solutions for small business include:

  • Social media tools. Publish content to all your social media accounts from one location. Schedule posts in advance and use Thryv’s pre-built social posts to improve your social media content.
  • Online presence management. Sync your business info across 40+ listing sites in just a few clicks. Rely on Thryv’s Google Business Profile optimization services to claim and improve your Google profile. Provide customers with an interactive area online where they can book, pay and communicate with your business. Get a professionally designed, mobile-ready website to boost your profile.
  • Scheduling and appointments. Let your customers book their own appointments with online appointment scheduling. Keep your calendars synchronized and schedule projects more easily.
  • Sales and payments. Issue estimates and invoices easily, accept digital payments and automatically send payment reminders.
  • Marketing automation. Send messages to the right customers at the right time with an automated email and business texting service. Schedule trigger-based marketing campaigns in a few clicks. Use Thryv’s library of customizable, ready-to-send messages to create marketing campaigns fast.
  • Customer communication. Communicate with customers through their preferred channels – text, email, Facebook Messenger and more – while tracking responses from a single inbox.
  • Customer relationship management. Upgrade your contact lists to a professional CRM system to successfully nurture and engage leads and opportunities.
  • Reputation management. Encourage customers to post reviews and automatically respond to protect and build your reputation online.

Why customers love Thryv

The Thryv platform delivers tools that help small businesses stay organized and manage their workloads more efficiently. Offering comprehensive solutions for social media, marketing, scheduling, communication, invoicing, payments, reputation management and customer relationship management, Thryv supports small business owners as they build their companies.

With over 20 customizations for specific industries and a fully mobile interface, Thryv gives small business owners the kind of software that’s usually reserved for bigger businesses. Whether you’re seeking invoicing solutions for your boutique, marketing software for your dental practice, a CRM system for your accounting firm or social media tools for your pet grooming business, you’ll find easy-to-use solutions on the Thryv platform that will transform your business.

Online document storage services FAQs

Your online document storage services questions, answered.

What are online document storage services?

Online document storage services enable businesses to store digital versions of documents in the cloud, rather than storing paper documents on site. Online document storage services may also allow users to securely share and edit documents online, simplifying collaboration with colleagues and customers in different geographic locations.

What are the benefits of online document storage services?

Online services can significantly improve productivity by reducing the time required to file, share, search for and access business-related files. Online document storage can be accessed from anywhere, making documents available to users no matter where they are or what device they are working with.

Where can I learn how to securely store documents online?

Superior online document storage services provide technologies like encryption, audit trails and access control to keep documents safe from cyberattacks and unauthorized access.