How To Build A Good Reputation In Business

Want to know how to build a good reputation in business?

For small businesses, the digital age has made it much easier to build a business reputation – and much harder to protect it. Social posts, online reviews and comments on business listing sites can accelerate and amplify positive word-of-mouth about your business like never before. But these channels can also give a louder voice to any customer with a complaint about your business. That means understanding how to build a good reputation in business comes down to mastering the skill of online reputation management.

That’s where Thryv can help. As a do-it-all software for managing small businesses, Thryv offers reputation management services that can help you build a stellar reputation one star at a time – and take proactive steps to defend it when dissatisfied customers take their complaints online.

Tips on how to build a good business reputation

Focus on these priorities as you think about how to build a good business reputation online.

Deliver exceptional experiences
When you want to know how to build a good reputation in business that will encourage positive word-of-mouth, focus on the customer experience. The best customer experiences are built on convenience, responsiveness and the sense that you have each customer’s best interests in mind.

Personalize communications
Customers want to be seen and feel valued by the companies they choose to do business with. Personalizing your email and text messages, remembering names of children and pets, sending birthday and anniversary greetings – these are the personal touches that help you earn a stellar reputation.

Ask every customer for a review
Many customers will be happy to offer a review if they’re asked at the right time. To build a bank of positive reviews, make the request every time you interact with happy customer – at the close of a sale or visit, on every invoice and in follow-up emails and texts. Providing a convenient link makes it fast and simple to leave a review.

Respond quickly to negative reviews
You can’t please every customer every time – which means negative reviews are inevitable. Rather than reacting defensively, treat every negative comment as an opportunity to win back a disgruntled customer. By responding quickly to negative reviews with an apology and an offer to make things right, you’ll find it’s easier than you think to turn upset customers into long-term fans.

How to build a good reputation in business with Thryv

The Thryv platform delivers everything small business owners need to stay organized and run their businesses more efficiently. From building a presence online and simplifying social media to automating text and email campaigns, Thryv offers solutions for managing virtually every aspect of your business.

Thryv’s reputation management services can show you how to build a good reputation in business more easily and efficiently. With Thryv, you can:

  • Monitor online comments and reviews. Reputation management software monitors what customers are saying and posting on top sites, notifying you instantly whenever your business is mentioned.
  • Respond to every review. Live review acknowledgment service responds to reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook within one business day, even when you don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself.
  • Request reviews at the perfect time. Pre-written email templates help automate the task of requesting reviews when invoicing clients, completing appointments, processing payments and at other key moments.
  • Track your competition. In-depth competitive analysis shows you how you stack up against your four top competitors online.

Additional solutions from Thryv

In addition to reputation management services, Thryv offers tools for managing other areas of your business to deliver exceptional customer experiences that enhance your reputation.

Thryv’s marketing automation software lets you set up trigger-based email and text campaigns that send personalized messages to each customer at the right time. Schedule one-off announcements or drip campaigns designed to nurture prospects and customers with regular communication over time.

Customer relationships
Consolidate all your customer information with customer relationship software that delivers a customizable view of leads and clients. Use tags and filters to segment clients for more personalized messaging.

Social media
Connect your social media accounts so you can publish content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn from one location. Use Thryv’s social media templates to generate content even when you’re running out of things to say. Create content in advance and schedule it to be posted later so you can keep your social presence fresh even on your busiest days.

Online presence management
Optimize your business information on 40+ trusted listings sites online. Thryv locks this information down to give consumers and search engines greater confidence in your business.

Google Business Profile
Thryv’s Google Business Profile optimization services help you claim and manage your Google Profile to increase search rankings and help customers find you more easily.

Customer portal services
Give customers a secure, online space where they can log in to interact with your business and access self-service options. Customer portal solutions enable clients to view invoices and account information, make payments, communicate with staff, upload and download files, and access information about the business.

Thryv’s scheduling software for appointments lets customers go online at their convenience, any time of day, to request or book appointments. Free your staff from tending phone lines all day and minimize no-shows with automated appointment reminders.

Manage all customer communications from a single inbox, viewing all interactions in customer-specific threads no matter where each message came from – email, text, Facebook or other sources. Thryv’s software lets you communicate with customers on their preferred channels while automated reminders ensure you’ll never forget to follow up.

Store and share documents securely online, eliminating paper clutter and making information easier for customers to find.

Why customers love Thryv

Thryv provides a single platform with all the tools small business owners need to stay organized and run their businesses more efficiently. Thryv’s software covers every aspect of business – from finding customers and managing schedules to accepting payments and enhancing customer relationships.

As a cloud-based platform, Thryv delivers tools that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. With a single login, business owners and their employees can access all the tools they need throughout the day, rather than needing to log in to multiple platforms.

Thryv keeps data safe and secure through cutting-edge encryption technology and customizable account access controls. Thryv also integrates seamlessly with common business software like QuickBooks, PayPal, Gmail and more, allowing owners and employees to continue using familiar tools while they add the power of the Thryv platform to their workflows.

Thryv provides small businesses with exceptional and unlimited customer service 24/7. Flexible training and hands-on onboarding help users get up to speed quickly. In-app chat, tips, videos and guides allow owners and employees to get up to speed with Thryv’s software at their own pace.

How To Build A Good Reputation In Business FAQs

Your how to build A good reputation in business questions, answered.

How do you build a good reputation in business?

To build a stellar reputation, small businesses must offer high-quality products and services and focus on delivering excellent customer service. Businesses must also work to generate positive reviews from customers on websites and social media.

How do online reviews impact business reputation?

Online reviews play a large role in determining whether a customer will patronize a business. To generate a large number of positive reviews, small business owners should regularly encourage happy customers to complete reviews online. When customers leave a negative review, small businesses can mitigate the damage and demonstrate a commitment to outstanding customer service by responding quickly and offering to make things right with dissatisfied customers.