Online Payment Methods For Small Business

Win customer loyalty with online payment methods for small business

Customers today are overwhelmingly moving away from cash and checks when making payments to service-based businesses. A recent survey revealed that digital wallets, contactless terminals, tap-to-pay platforms and smartphone apps are preferred by customers.i

For small businesses, these payment methods not only give customers the options they want, they also make it easier for merchants to accept payments online, even for services offered in-person or on-site. The advantage of online payment methods for small businesses are pretty great, from streamlining invoicing and accelerating cash flow to the ability to gather data about customers more easily.

When you’re looking for the best online payment methods for your small business, Thryv can help. As an end-to-end platform with tools for managing virtually every aspect of your business, Thryv offers quick and easy online payment processing that lets you get paid faster than ever before.

The benefits of offering online payment methods

With a mix of online payment methods for small business, you can realize several key benefits.

Customer loyalty
Customers love the convenience of online payments. By allowing them to pay how they want and when they want, you can build customer loyalty more easily.

Added features
Online payment methods for small business typically include options to securely store a customer’s payment information, making it easier to pay on repeat visits and increasing their satisfaction with their buying experience.

Fewer expenses
Business owners find they’re able to eliminate the cost of paper-based processes like printing receipts and preparing invoices, as well as the expenses of stamps, envelopes and storage for paper receipts with online payment methods.

More data
Online payment methods for small business let you collect information about customers and their buying preferences and behavior. With this data, you can better understand what customers want and how you can deliver on their expectations.

Optimized cash flow
Online payments options make it possible to invoice customers via email or text, and for customers to pay immediately through a link to an online payment processor. Automated payment reminders encourage customers to pay on time and reduce the effort required to track down late payments.

Increased security
Online payment methods for small business are typically backed by the strictest security standards in the industry, ensuring that customer data remains safe and secure.

Thryv: Online payment methods for small business – and more

Thryv is a do-it-all business management platform with tools that help small businesses find customers fast, manage work efficiently, organize the workday and streamline communication with prospects and customers.

Thryv offers a variety of online payment methods for small businesses, including ThryvPay, an online payment processor for small businesses with service-based offerings. Thryv also offers invoicing software and other features that deliver more convenience for customers and better cash flow for you.

Online payment methods
With ThryvPay, you can accept online payment via credit card, ACH and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Next-day funding on credit card transactions completed before 8 p.m. ET can enhance your cash flow.

Interactive invoices
With Thryv’s invoicing software for small business, you can issue interactive invoices, estimates and quotes from anywhere and allow customers to approve and pay them online.

Credit card processing
Thryv offers small business credit card processing that lets you process credit cards swiftly at extremely competitive rates, thanks to partnerships with industry-leading payment processors.

Flexible payment options
Offer installment plans and recurring payments or allow customers to schedule payments in advance. Store customer and credit card information to make it easier for customers to pay on subsequent visits and simplify automated billing. Accept payments any time – when appointments are booked, at the time of service, or at a later date.

Easy credit card scanning
Use a mobile phone to scan credit cards and deliver the quickest payment experience possible.

Online check acceptance
ThryvPay is committed to fraud prevention which helps prevent returned checks and saves thousands on fees.

Transparent fees
Thryv lets you accept credit cards and bank transfers with competitive flat rates to take the guesswork out of predicting processing costs.

Convenience fees
With Thryv, you can charge clients a flat convenience fee to help offset the cost of credit card processing.

Flexible financing
In partnership with Wisetack, Thryv offers financing options that range from $500-$25,000 over terms from 3 to 60 months. Giving customers more options for payment timelines can help to increase sales and upsell customers, getting paid quickly while you assume no risk if the customer is late or defaults on the loan.

Additional solutions on the Thryv platform

Thryv provides your business with a comprehensive collection of tools you can access from anywhere, on any device. Working from a centralized dashboard, you can view and manage all activity in virtually every area of your business.

  • Online presence management. Sync your business info across 40+ listing sites – including Google Business Profile – in just a few clicks. Give customers an interactive online portal where they can book, pay and communicate with your business. Let Thryv’s designers build a professional, mobile-ready website to boost your profile.
  • Scheduling and appointments. Allow your customers to go online any time day or night to book their own appointments with online appointment scheduling software. Keep your team’s calendars synchronized and schedule projects more easily.
  • Social media tools. Publish content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn from one location. Schedule posts in advance and use Thryv’s pre-built posts to improve your social media content.
  • Marketing automation. Use Thryv’s email and text marketing for small business to send automated messages to each customer at the right time. Build trigger-based marketing campaigns with just few clicks. Use Thryv’s library of customizable, ready-to-send messages to create stronger marketing campaigns fast.
  • Customer communication. Contact your customers via their preferred channels – text, email, Facebook Messenger and more – while managing conversations from a single inbox.
  • Customer relationship management. Combine all your contact lists and data in a professional CRM system to successfully nurture leads and engage customers.
  • Document storage and sharing. Eliminate file cabinets and paper files by digitizing documents. Securely request, store and share documents with contacts, editing files online.
  • Reputation management. Automatically ask customers to post reviews and get notified when reviews and comments are posted. Respond quickly with help from Thryv’s reputation management services.

Why Thryv?

From dental practices and accounting firms to home repair and other service businesses, tens of thousands of small business owners across the country trust Thryv to manage their work more efficiently and keep their business organized. Thryv’s comprehensive solutions include email automation, online file storage, reputation management solutions, an online payment processor for small business, billing software for attorneys and more. As an end-to-end business management solution, Thryv makes it easy to access the tools you need without having to log in to multiple software applications all day long. You can access your Thryv account from anywhere, on any device, putting business tools at your fingertips anytime you need them.

Your data, documents and customer information are kept safe and secure on the Thryv platform by cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access controls. To simplify your workflow, Thryv integrates seamlessly with the tools you and your team already use – like QuickBooks, Zoom, Gmail, Square, PayPal and dozens of others – so you can take advantage of the benefits of the Thryv platform without giving up the technology you’re already familiar with.


Online Payment Methods For Small Business FAQs

Your online payment methods for small business questions, answered.

What are online payment methods for small business?

Online payment methods for small business typically include credit cards, debit cards, ACH and e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What are the advantages of offering online payment methods?

Online payments methods like ACH and e-wallets and services for credit card processing for small business provide more convenience for customers and enable them to pay invoices as soon as they receive them via email or text.