CRM System for Small Business

Choosing the right CRM system for your small business

As a small business owner, you’ve got a lot on your mind and a million things on your to-do list. Fortunately, automated technology can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you – especially when it comes to customer relationship management, via a CRM system for small business.

As a do-it-all client experience platform, Thryv offers all the tools you need to earn new business, manage your work and nurture your customers. Our CRM system for small business software automates tasks to help attract more people to your business and provide them with impressive service, turning them into loyal, repeat customers.

Create stronger relationships with CRM automation

Here are just a few ways that automating important tasks with a CRM for small business can build better relationships with your customers.

Automated appointment reminders
When customers miss appointments, the fault may be theirs – but the loss is yours. Rather than assigning an employee to make appointment reminders by phone, the right CRM solution can automatically send text and email reminders days before an appointment. Early reminders leave plenty of time for customers to reschedule and for you to book alternative appointments. Customers will appreciate the help keeping track of their busy schedules, and you’ll have fewer missed appointments – and more revenue in the door.

Online bookings
With a booking button on your website, you can empower customers to set their own appointments anytime of the day or night. Instead of tying up your phone lines, online booking allows your front desk staff to devote more time to other important tasks. The best online booking tools let you choose your preferred availability windows and block other time slots.

Faster payments
Automating the payment process helps you save money and time. You can automate things like estimates, invoices and even accepting payments, so you can stop interrupting your day to do each by hand. Providing a healthy mix of payment options keeps customers happy and gets you paid faster.

Minimize customer tracking
A CRM system for small business keeps your customer’s info in one place. Automatically store data every time you interact with a customer and create an even better customer experience.

Build relationships
Follow-up communications after each interaction are a great way to build customer relationships and loyalty. But you don’t have to do it manually! Setting up an automated thank-you message builds brand affinity, and regularly sending news about new products, services and exclusive deals helps earn a customer’s repeat business.

Thryv: Serious software for serious small businesses

Thryv is a software solution that provides a single platform with all the tools small business owners need to manage their work. As an end-to-end customer experience platform, Thryv integrates nearly all business activities, from organizing the customer database to sending email, scheduling appointments and invoicing clients.

As a CRM system for small business, Thryv lets you automate activities to deliver stellar customer service that outshines your competitors.

Keep customer contacts in one place
Thryv keeps all your customer data and communications in one place, making customer information available to all your technologies. Tailor custom fields to work the way you want, making it easier to find, filter, tag and track your contacts.

Know your customers
Thryv automatically enriches customer information by searching the internet and adding details from your customers’ social profiles, photos and more.

Build loyalty
Automate the tasks of engaging and nurturing leads with Thryv. As you attract new customers, Thryv can help you earn their repeat business through regular and automated text and email communication.

Deliver personalized service
With Thryv, you can offer your customers a dedicated portal where they can log in, send messages, share documents, schedule appointments and make payments securely and effortlessly. Client portals make it easy to work with you so they feel confident coming back again and again.

What else can you do with Thryv?

While Thryv can help you make lasting connections with customers, our platform is much more than a CRM system for small business. Our tools make it easier to manage nearly every area of your business.

Get the job
With Thryv you can build a fast, modern, mobile-ready website and sync your business info across 40+ listing sites. Our Google Business Profile optimization service lets you claim and manage your listing so customers can find you easily. Our video services include video ads, automatically generated video and custom-built video services to generate interest and impress customers.

Manage the work
Our online appointment booking and scheduling software lets your customers make appointments anytime, day or night. Our communication management tool lets you handle all your customer communications in one place and send automated reminders via text. Online document storage simplifies the task of requesting, storing and sharing documents directly with your contacts and customers. Thryv also automates targeted marketing campaigns, email reminders and texts. With access to a massive library of ready-to-send messages for every occasion, staying in touch with customers is a breeze.

Get paid
Online payment processing with Thryv is quick and easy. Issue estimates and invoices from the field, automate payment reminders and accept digital payments to get paid faster.

Get recognized online
Thryv’s online reputation management software lets you manage what customers are saying. Get real-time notifications of new reviews and star ratings. Respond automatically to reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook to boost your reputation with customers and prospects.

Why you’ll love Thryv

Thryv’s do-it-all small business software is a seriously powerful end-to-end platform that can transform your business. You can use Thryv tools anywhere, on any device – tablets, desktops or mobile devices on the go. Already have small business software you love? No problem – Thryv integrates easily with the tools you’re currently using to streamline the way you manage your work.

At Thryv, we want to be partners in your success which is why we offer free, unlimited support 24/7. You’ll always have access to a small business specialist who understands your goals and can respond to your unique business needs. Every Thryv plan offers flexible training, hands-on onboarding and lots of tips, videos and guides so you can get up to speed at your own pace.

CRM System for Small Business FAQs

Your CRM system for small business questions, answered.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. A CRM system is a software product that helps business owners keep track of communications with customers and nurture their relationships with leads, prospects and clients.

What is a CRM system for small business?

Many CRM software solutions are built for large organizations with thousands of customers and employees. A CRM system for small business is designed to help small business owners deliver a more individualized experience for their customers, leveraging the personal connection that is so important in small business relationships.

What’s important in a CRM system for small business?

A superior CRM system should automate many of the tasks of managing customer relationships: tracking communications, documenting sales, sending marketing messages and reminders, and updating contacts with new information.