Online Appointment Booking

Delight your customers with online appointment booking

While appointments are central to your service-based business, scheduling can be time consuming when done manually. Online appointment booking technology can free you from this important but tedious task, while giving your customers more convenient options for managing their calendars.

With online appointment booking solutions, customers can use any device that’s connected to the internet to view a calendar for your company or individual employees. Customers can select their own times, or request times you approve later. Booking technology can even send automated reminders by phone or text to cut down on no-shows and free your staff from constantly making reminder calls.

When you’re ready to add online appointment scheduling to your business offerings, Thryv can help. As a do-it-all platform for managing a small business, Thryv delivers scheduling capabilities that give customers more options and simplify the way you book appointments and manage your calendars.

The advantages of online appointment booking

When you offer online appointment booking for your customers, you can count on serious benefits.

  • More time for other tasks. Online booking services free you and your staff from answering phone calls and managing calendars all day long. That means more time for working on more strategic tasks to grow your business.
  • More business. Many customers book appointments during their free time after business hours, rather than taking time from their workday to place calls. Online booking allows them to schedule appointments anytime, 24/7 – and lets you win the business of these after-hour schedulers.
  • Happier customers. Convenience means a lot to your customers, and online appointment booking makes their lives much easier.
  • A competitive boost. Fewer than 25% of businesses offer online booking, which means you can stand out from your competitors by offering customers this valuable service.
  • Fewer no-shows. Online appointment booking technology gives customers more control over when they choose to book time, reducing the chances that they’ll need to reschedule. Automated reminders sent by email or text help cut down on no-shows.
  • Improve cash flow. With automated scheduling technology, you can give customers the option to conveniently pay online before, during or after their appointment, streamlining your invoicing process and helping you get paid faster.

Online scheduling capabilities with Thryv

Thryv offers an end-to-end platform with financial, workflow, communications and marketing tools for small business. With Thryv, small business owners can use one login to access tools for finding customers, managing the workday, getting paid faster and building a positive online presence.

With Thryv’s online appointment booking features, you can give your customers the option to book appointments anytime, day or night, from their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Thryv lets you configure your calendars to customize the length of appointments, locations, hours of service and more. You can choose to let customers automatically book appointments or to request times for you to approve.

Online appointment booking services with Thryv deliver impressive capabilities.

Sync and share team calendars
With Thryv, you can easily manage schedules for your team, syncing calendars and allowing customers to book with individual team members if you choose.

Minimize no-shows with automated reminders
Thryv will automatically send email or text messages to remind your customers about upcoming appointments. This feature not only reduces no-shows but generates repeat business by performing a helpful service for customers.

Accept payments anytime
In-app payment capabilities make it easy to process payments when customers book appointments or at any other time.

Offer convenient packages
By allowing customers to book packages of multiple services or appointments, you can fill up your calendar faster, boost recurring revenue and provide customers with more convenient options.

Manage classes and events
With Thryv, you can offer classes and events to encourage repeat visits from customers. Manage registrations, communication and payments through the Thryv platform.

Thryv’s do-it-all platform

In addition to online appointment scheduling, Thryv offers comprehensive tools to help small business owners manage their workload more efficiently.

  • Online invoice software lets you issue estimates and invoices from the field and give customers more ways to pay – so you get paid faster.
  • Google Business Profile manager helps you claim and manage your Google listing so customers can more easily find you, book appointments and recommend your services online.
  • Build and protect your online reputation with customer reviews software that automatically requests reviews at the right time and notifies you as soon as customers post comments online.
  • Thryv’s customer communication management solutions help you interact with customers with the tools they prefer – email, text, social media and more – while letting you manage every conversation from one inbox and automate routine communications.
  • CRM technology from Thryv consolidates all your customer lists in one place and helps you engage and nurture customers and prospects by communicating the most effective messages at the right time.
  • Document storage and sharing technology lets you eliminate clutter by securely requesting, storing and sharing digital documents with your contacts.
  • Enhance your online presence by syncing your business info across 40+ listing sites to ensure your details are accurate and up to date.
  • Master social media marketing by consolidating your social accounts, publishing content from one platform, scheduling posts in advance and gaining inspiration from Thryv’s library of pre-written posts.
  • Use marketing automation tools to trigger targeted campaigns, send automatic one-off announcements, follow-up with customers automatically and measure the success of your marketing efforts.

Why choose Thryv?

Thryv provides small business owners with all the tools they need to manage and grow their businesses. As a do-it-all platform, Thryv eliminates the need to switch between different tools all day long. Instead, small business owners and their employees can use one login and one dashboard to get their work done faster. Thryv can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on any internet-connected device.

Thryv integrates easily with popular business productivity tools like QuickBooks, PayPal, Gmail, Zoom and other software, allowing users to stick with the tools they are familiar with while adding the power of Thryv’s solutions.

Most importantly, Thryv delivers unprecedented, unlimited support 24/7. When help is needed, small businesses can reach Thryv specialists with technical expertise and business know-how who can resolve issues and offer guidance day or night.

Online Appointment Booking FAQs

Your online appointment booking questions, answered.

What is online appointment booking?

Online appointment booking is a service that lets customers go online to schedule appointments or request time with a business, rather than placing a phone call to book time. Online appointment booking technology typically includes a calendar where customers can view timeslots with general business availability, or with availability for specific employees.

How does online appointment booking help a business?

Online appointment booking helps businesses save time by freeing employees from constantly scheduling appointments over the phone. Online scheduling can increase the number of appointments, since many customers prefer to book appointments after hours, when phone lines are not answered. Since many companies do not offer these services, online scheduling capabilities can help a business stand out from the crowd.