Appointment booking services

Impress your customers with automated appointment booking services

Keeping the workday full of customer appointments is essential to the success of your service-based business. But when you and your team are scheduling appointments manually, it can feel like you spend the whole day taking calls, listening to voicemails and playing phone tag.

Online appointment booking services offer a better way. These automated solutions let customers go online any time of day to view openings in your calendar and book or request an appointment at a convenient time. Automated appointment scheduling software can also take care of sending reminders by text or email, freeing you and your staff from this tedious chore.

When you’re ready to explore the possibilities of automated appointment booking services, Thryv can help. As a do-it-all platform with tools for managing your small business, Thryv offers an appointment scheduling solution that lets you spend more time on the work you love rather than answering the phone.

How online scheduling can boost your bottom line

An appointment scheduling platform that automates booking and reminders delivers big benefits for your business and your customers.

  • Make the workday more efficient. Booking appointments by phone can eat up a big chunk of the workday for you and your staff. When you let customers book their own appointments online, you can free up time for other things.
  • Book more appointments. Online appointment booking services give customers direct access to your calendar. With fewer steps in the process, customers are less likely to get distracted or frustrated and abandon the process.
  • Capture the after-hours crowd. Lots of people don’t have time during the workday to call for appointments. By making it possible to book appointments 24/7 to, an online appointment scheduling service lets you capture more of these customers.
  • Minimize no-shows. When customers book their own appointments at the times most convenient for them, they’re less likely to reschedule at the last minute or fail to show up. Automated reminders sent by text or email in the days leading up to the appointment can help reduce no-shows even more.
  • Outpace your competitors. Lots of service businesses don’t offer appointment booking services online, creating an opportunity to set your business apart. When you offer your customers a more convenient and efficient way to schedule appointments, you can win their loyalty and edge out the competition.
  • Boost your cash flow. The best appointment booking services let you accept payment when appointments are scheduled to improve your cash flow, streamline invoicing, and give customers one more reason not to cancel.

Appointment booking services with Thryv

Thryv is a do-it-all platform for managing small businesses that offers all the tools you need to find customers fast, manage the workday efficiently and grow your business successfully. From marketing automation and social media tools to invoicing, payment processing and estimate software, Thryv’s small business management apps bring greater ease and efficiency to nearly every area of your small business.

With Thryv’s booking software for small business, your customers can go online anytime day or night to book appointments on any device. You choose whether to let customers book appointments automatically or to request times for you to approve later. Thryv lets you set up your calendar for the way you do business, with the ability to customize hours of service, locations, duration of appointments and more.

Synchronize calendars across your business
With Thryv, you can easily manage and sync calendars for everyone in the company, giving team members as much access as you want to manage their own clients and services.

Send automatic reminders
Send automated reminders via email or text at times you choose. This automated service reduces no-shows and provides a helpful service that keeps customers coming back.

Accept payments anytime
Payment options within Thryv’s appointment booking services let you process payments when customers book appointments as well as during and after appointments.

Increase repeat visits
Give your customers convenient options to book packages of services or multiple appointments at once to fill your calendar faster and generate more cash flow.

Boost revenue with classes and events
Classes and events can generate more sales by encouraging repeat visits and nurturing customer relationships. Thryv lets you manage registrations, communication and payments in one place.

How to promote your new appointment booking services

To maximize the value of a new appointment booking services, you’ll need to let customers know how to use it.

  • Start by updating your voicemail greeting with information about how to book online. This redirects customers calling for appointments to a web address where they can view and schedule time.
  • Include a link to your appointment booking platform in all communications. Remind customers of your new scheduling service in every invoice, email, newsletter, and text. Immediately after each appointment, send a “thank you” email or text that reminds customers how to book the next appointment online.
  • Add a scheduling link to every page of your website. Use a variety of buttons and links with messages like “Book Online”, “Schedule an Appointment Now” or “Check Availability” to see which calls to action (CTAs) generate the most clicks.
  • Update your listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other sites to include information about your new service and to let customers know they can book online 24/7.
  • Promote your appointment booking services in your social media accounts and add a link to your schedule in any platform that allows it.

Why businesses choose Thryv

For tens of thousands of small business owners, Thryv provides the tools that simplify the daily tasks of running a company. Thryv lets you manage everything from one dashboard with one login – no more need to log in to multiple applications all day long. As a cloud-based service, Thryv is available anytime, anywhere, on any device, which means you and your employees can stay productive no matter where you go.

Thryv’s highly secure platform uses cutting edge encryption and customizable account access controls to keep business information and customer data safe from theft, leaks and loss. Thryv integrates easily with the tools you already use, like QuickBooks, Gmail, Zoom, WordPress, PayPal, Stripe and many more. You can always count on unlimited support 24/7 from live specialists who have both technical know-how and small business expertise.

Appointment booking services FAQs

Your appointment booking services questions, answered.

What are automated appointment booking services?

Automated appointment booking services allow customers to schedule appointments with a business by going online, viewing a calendar and choosing an appointment time that’s convenient for them.

What are the benefits of automated appointment booking services?

What are the benefits of automated appointment booking services? By allowing customers to book or request appointments online, automated services eliminate the need for small business owners and employees to schedule appointments by answering the phone or returning calls all day long. Online services also allow customers who can’t call during the day to book appointments after business hours. Since most small businesses do not offer automated services, appointment booking solutions can help small businesses improve competitiveness and win more customers.