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Small businesses are constantly working towards making their businesses more effective and convenient for themselves and their customers. From easy payments to 5-star marketing — these companies are searching for software with features to help them stand out as the top choice.

Business owners don’t have time to learn how to navigate complex programs. This often results in them using several simple systems. While each one-point solution may provide a needed service like email capabilities or appointment scheduling, working between multiple programs is time-consuming, expensive and fraught with customer database errors.

Small businesses deserve an do-it-all business software tailored to their industry that combines marketing, online payments, social media posting, reviews management and appointment bookings in one place – and one that is tailored to their industry.

We’ll take a look at two options with multiple capabilities: Thryv vs. ServiceTitan, and compare the features offered, ease of use and cost.

What Is ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is an operating system for the trades industry. The company was founded in 2012 by Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan, after they met on a ski trip while in college. What started as a plan to help their fathers’ plumbing businesses soon evolved into the multi-billion-dollar company it is today. But is this company all that it claims to be?

ServiceTitan bills itself as an easy-to-use software designed for home and consumer-facing small and medium businesses. However, users feel like it’s not so comprehensive. 

ServiceTitan Features

Job Management. ServiceTitan offers a dispatch board to help businesses track their technicians — connecting the field with the office. A color-coded calendar helps the team identify previous and upcoming jobs.

Automation. Automated job confirmation allows business owners to send appointment confirmations to clients that then move onto the dispatch board, job record and job-audit.

Communications. When customers call in, ServiceTitan’s call-booking software assists customer service representatives in converting callers into customers. Representatives can see who’s calling, so when it’s time to pick up, they can greet the customer by name – good ol’ caller ID. The system also provides custom prompts and drop-down menu answers. Keeping track of these calls is possible because ServiceTitan has call recording to capture incoming calls.

Appointments.  ServiceTitan automatically populates customer information as calls come in, which is meant to make appointment booking quick and effortless.

Marketing. Rather than tracking the number of calls that marketing ads generate, ServiceTitan’s Marketing Scorecard ranks the ad campaigns, so users know which ads are effective and which are falling flat. This helps determine where to spend their ad dollars and get the biggest return. The program makes this possible by providing a unique phone number when a new ad is created.

Reporting. ServiceTitan’s dashboard can be tailored to show users the metrics and KPIs that matter to their business, whether that’s generated revenue, memberships sold or more. Revenue and any trends can be filtered by day, week or month. Transactions can be sorted by business unit or date range.

Intacct. Businesses using Sage Intacct accounting software can integrate the software with ServiceTitan. Both ServiceTitan and Intacct are cloud-based software, which means services completed with ServiceTitan sync across all devices and franchises, and owners can pull up-to-the-minute financial data.

Invoices & Payments. With ServiceTitan, customer purchases are automatically pushed to QuickBooks. Techs in the field can create invoices and export them to QuickBooks. Purchase orders can also be generated and exported as well. ServiceTitan also allows businesses to allow their customers to apply for financing. This integration pulls data from the customer’s profile so they can complete the application on the spot and hopefully lead to more sales.

ServiceTitan Pricing

When it comes to pricing, ServiceTitan is all but transparent. The company charges a monthly fee and a per-contractor fee, which racks up a large bill rather quickly.

Consider this: If the standard monthly fee averages around $398, with each contractor costing an added $245 monthly, and the set-up fee typically running around $700, a local electrician company with a team of 5 technicians would end up spending $20,176 in its first year alone. The company would have to break even somehow. That means raising prices on services and some unhappy customers digging deeper into their pockets.

ServiceTitan Reviews: What customers* are saying

“I dislike the glitches that happen constantly. Or the promises that are made about certain features that will come out, but they never come out. I don’t like empty promises.” – Small business, verified current user, G2 review, Jan. 12, 2021

Pros: Users like the immediacy and consistency of data shared between office staff and field technicians. The dispatch screen helps track services in progress and go into the history to see who was at what location.

Cons:  Users feel like there is a steep learning curve when trying to get the features to work for their business and that navigation is not as simple as it’s made to seem. Multiple steps are needed for features as simple as invoicing, which has some users questioning: Is ServiceTitan worth it?

ServiceTitan Customer Service

When it comes to looking for support, the verdict is still out. While some sing praises over the support staff, others feel differently. One user noted that she was frustrated with the length of time it took to get a support agent on chat.

Another user shared that it’s common for the support staff to need to redirect problems to a tier 2+ support agent and ask if they can e-mail the user later on. When a small business reaches out for help, it’s because they are stuck at that moment and need assistance right then. Every minute they spend waiting on support is revenue lost.

What Is Thryv

Having structure helps enable better decision-making and provide consistency. Without organization, a small business will struggle to leverage its resources to get ahead. Providing structure for a business in the early stages will make for more effective growth. If there’s one thing the Thryv software knows how to do, it provides structure.

Thryv is the do-it-all business management software and customer experience platform that is fully integrated with nearly all business activities. From organizing the customer database to sending bulk email and text communication to managing all aspects of a job from initial outreach, ongoing communication, estimates, invoices, payments, receipts, follow-ups, reminders, online scheduling convenience and more – Thryv does it all.

With Thryv’s automated marketing, you’ll never miss a follow-up and your customers never miss an appointment. Keep your customers in the loop by reaching them in a way that works for them, whether it’s via email and text. They deserve friendly reminders about upcoming appointments and would love to hear about your new sale or fun items that are back in stock.

Thryv also integrates seamlessly with several popular business-operating programs through its App Market. The list of apps currently includes Gmail Email Service, Quickbooks, Jotform, Yext, Constant Contact, Indeed, Mailchimp, Shopify, Typeform, Zoom, ShareAble for Hires and Clover.

Thryv Features

As a full, end-to-end platform, Thryv helps businesses:

Get the Job by improving online presence, building and maintaining reviews, growing social media audiences, setting online appointments, creating and delivering estimates and allowing form fills.

Manage the Job by maintaining a real-time calendar for all staff members, collecting and storing online documents, creating and delivering estimates, allowing a variety of contactless payment methods, including ThryvPay.

Get Credit with marketing automation such as social posting, text and email campaigns and requesting reviews as well as sending promotions and other messaging that is customized to the right audience at the right time.

Robust CRM. A centralized customer relationship management (CRM) system sets the foundation of Thryv’s software platform. Manage, message and market to your customers all in one software. Thryv makes it easy to stay organized so you never miss a message and you never miss an appointment. Full customer information is at your fingertips with client cards, that can be organized with identifiable information, such as services received, date of the last service, upcoming appointments, payments, conversations and even uploaded documents.

Thryv’s CRM is verticalized, which means that when users sign up, they see the proper terms for their industry. So, like ServiceTitan, it’s great for home services, but also health and beauty, attorneys, pet services, schools and daycares and much more.

Thryv users can organize multiple jobs, patients, cases and more under a single contact. If you’re a daycare center, that looks like multiple children assigned under a parent name. For a home staging company, that’s multiple locations for a single owner. For a mechanic, they’d be able to record maintenance to several vehicles linked to one owner.

Online Scheduling. Who has the time to sit on the phone? Customers want to schedule appointments on their time, and Thryv makes it easy with online appointment booking. Free yourself and your staff from time-consuming call-ins, text messages and emails back and forth. With Thryv, multiple staff accounts can be synched, so you can manage your team’s schedule and book appointments through the Thryv dashboard. You can also offer packages for repeat business, such as regular maintenance or classes, and build customer loyalty while you’re at it.

Sales & Payments. Thryv users can create estimates, invoices and receipts all from the dashboard, as well as get a clear look at any outstanding invoices. Customers can take their pick from several methods of payment; credit, debit, ThryvPay, PayPal, Braintree, Venmo, Square, Stripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay. ThryvPay offers competitive flat-rate fees for credit cards and low ACH fees. ThryvPay also offers a pay by text message option that allows customers to pay from their mobile device, making it easier for business owners to get paid on time.

Customer Communication. Thryv users can manage every customer conversation from a single inbox, whether it’s sent over email or text message. Staff members can also be assigned to manage specific correspondences.

Marketing & Social Media. Looking to update customers on what’s new and on the way? Thryv users can create, customize and schedule marketing campaigns to be sent in bulk or automated to send per customer after a milestone or special event. By using tagging capabilities, a Thryv user can easily automate an email or text to alert customers that it’s time to schedule their next appointment. Advanced social media posting capabilities and a hearty library of posts waiting to be customized make having a consistent social presence and posting schedule a breeze.

Thryv Pricing

Thryv’s Unlimited package pricing is exponentially lower than ServiceTitan. Even with its quasi-grand price tag, ServiceTitan lacks many additional features that aid in a business’s growth, including social media management, online review management, reputation management, ongoing 24-7 free technical support, and a specified support team for ThryvPay.

Thryv Reviews: What customers* are saying

“The service is second to none. Enjoy the professionalism of everyone we’ve dealt with. The platform is easy-to-use and powerful. Mostly I like that it’s all hands-free if you want it to be. But yet very easy to use if you want to make changes.” – Jeffrey M.; Managing Director; verified user; G2 review; March 4, 2021

Pros. Customers are enjoying more freedom after using Thryv’s scheduler to manage their social media. They also note the ease of use and the free, unlimited, 24-7 support that Thryv provides.

Cons. The cost can seem high for some start-ups, and the features available are more than they may need at first. But users mention that’s been worth the cost and despite not using every feature, the software doesn’t hinder them from completing any tasks. Plus, those additional features are there for them when they’re ready.

Thryv for Organization

When it comes to crossing Ts and dotting Is while organizing, Thryv’s the software to get small businesses on the right track. Customer data entry is a fundamental piece of the puzzle, but the ability to use that data for leverage is what makes a business great. With Thryv, business owners are no longer bogged down attempting to do it from scratch.

With Thryv, every customer can feel like they’re your favorite customer. Business owners can have a fair amount of contact with their customers without being on the clock. From appointment reminders to personalized marketing and even “we’ve missed you” messages. Think of Thryv as a 24/7 employee picking up the small tasks that make a world of difference. That’s one way to add hours back into the day.

ServiceTitan vs Thryv

While Thryv and ServiceTitan both offer email and text messaging, the systems couldn’t be more different. ServiceTitan is an advanced software used for monitoring minute-by-minute employee actions, paid advertising campaign efforts and tailored reporting. However, it’s not a software that’s going to be reasonably priced or provide the necessary organization or ground-level marketing that small businesses need, especially when starting up.

With ServiceTitan, customers calling in will be greeted by name and guided through the appointment-making process by a customer service representative with a built-in caller-ID and a scripted drop-down menu process. While it’s nice to be greeted by name, research shows that customers would rather hop online than on a phone call – especially Millennial and younger customers. In fact, 34% of customers say they’re more likely to become loyal customers if a business offers online appointment scheduling.

ServiceTitan mapped out their ad marketing software well, but while their users are reaching out to new customers, the current customers are being left behind. With Thryv, users can connect with customers through personalized emails and text messages straight to their preferred device.

While ServiceTitan users are struggling to reach tech support, Thryv users have several resources to pull. If immediate help is needed, Thryv provides free unlimited technical support 24-7. If they’re the type to work more independently, the Knowledge Center and blog are bursting with information, as well as other Thryv users on the exclusive HighThryvers Facebook group.

If you’re looking to micromanage employees, Thryv can’t provide those insights. When businesses are ready to put their best business foot forward and customers first, Thryv’s where they should be. Thryv aims to meet the demands of today’s small business owners and it’s reflected in the growth and price of the software.

*Review comments consolidated from verified users via G2 and Capterra software review sites.

Thryv ServiceTitan
Price Schedule Demo Custom Only
Subscription vs M2M Subscription Subscription
User Limit Unlimited 1000+
Service & Support
Software Onboarding X
Phone, Chat, Email
Learning Center with Videos and Guides
Payment Dispute Assistance X
Build your Brand
Online Listings Management X
Professionally Designed Website X
Social Media – Posting and Content Library X
Custom Videos X
Enhanced Accessibility Site Service* X
Communicate with Customers
2-Way Text from business number
Email and Text Announcements & Automated Campaigns Email Only
Inbox Communications X
Client Portal with Customer Login X
Campaign Analytics
Stay Organized
CRM – Customizable Fields and Tags X
Scheduling & Appointments X
Automated Follow-ups and Reminders Reminders only
Document Storage
HIPAA Secure X
App Market and Integrations Minimal
Mobile App
Get Paid
Estimates & Invoices
Credit Card Payment Processing
ACH Check Processing X
Online and Mobile Payments
Scheduled Payments X
Convenience Fees & Tipping X
Real Time Reporting X
Generate More Reviews
Review Generation X
Review Acknowledgment Service X
Review Monitoring and Alerts X
Competitor Watch X
*This feature is available with Thryv 4.0 Websites, as of 5/4/2020 and newer. Service provided by AudioEye®.