Online Review Management

Building your brand through online review management

For small businesses, online reviews have become an essential tool for attracting customers. Reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and others can convince customers to give your business a try. Even negative reviews can be helpful, giving you an opportunity to win back a dissatisfied customer and to show others your commitment to providing stellar customer service.

For most small business owners, however, the daily tasks of online review management can seem overwhelming. Asking customers for reviews, monitoring and responding to what they post can consume a lot of time. That’s where online reputation management services from Thryv can help.

As a do-it-all platform with tools for managing your business more efficiently, Thryv offers customer reviews software that automates many of the steps in online review management – so you can stay focused on performing the work at the heart of your business.

How to garner more online reviews

The more online reviews you have – positive or negative – the more seriously customers take your business. Studies show customers trust online reviews nearly 12 times more than any description you could place on your websitei and 91% of people think reviews are important enough to sway their purchasing decision.ii

Building a large base of online reviews doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are a few simple ways to generate more reviews and more positive comments:

Personal touches
A personal approach can really set your small business apart. If you’re selling products, a handwritten thank you card within a package goes a long way to creating the kind of relationship that yields positive reviews. For service-based companies, an automated email of thanks sent to customers after every visit or at special milestones can build an emotional connection and nurture customer relationships.

Ask for reviews on every interaction
Create a unique link that customers can use to leave a review and include it in every digital interaction from emails to online invoices.

Use negative reviews to create positive experiences
When customers are dissatisfied, going out of your way to understand their complaint, offer an apology and make things right off-line can help to win back their business and impress other potential customers.

Share your knowledge
You have expertise that can make your customer’s life easier. Whether it’s simple ways to remove a stain or how to prevent a dog’s fur from matting between grooming appointments, your insights can help build trust and remind customers they can count on you. Sharing your knowledge with customers via email, in-person or online is a great way to build a relationship that will yield more positive reviews.

Online review management with Thryv

Thryv offers solutions for small business that can help you organize your day and automate your work, freeing up more time to deliver excellent service for your customers. Our online reputation management tools make it easy to stay on top of customer reviews and improve your online reputation, one star at a time.

Get instant notification of new reviews
With Thryv’s online review management tools, you’ll be notified of new customer reviews the second they’re posted on top sites.

Respond quickly – with help from Thryv
Our live review acknowledgment service makes it easy to respond quickly to reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Google within one business day – even when you are too busy to write the response yourself.

Automatically ask for reviews
Thryv offers pre-built templates to request reviews from happy customers at the right time. Our online review management tools let you automatically request reviews when invoicing clients, completing appointments or processing payments.

Track your competition
See how you rank online – and how customers compare you to the competition – with an in-depth analysis that compares your business and reviews to four competitors of your choosing.

Additional solutions for your online presence

Along with online review management, Thryv offers additional tools for building and maintaining a strong online presence for your business.

Online listings
Your business listings on Facebook, Yelp and dozens of other sites help build your online presence – and let customers find you faster. With Thryv, you can upload your business information once and have it automatically posted to 40+ trusted listings sites online.

Google Business Profile
Our Google Business Profile optimization service helps you create, claim or transfer your Google Business Profile and keep it optimized and up to date, so customers can always find the information they need.

A professional website
Trust Thryv’s in-house designers to build a custom website for your business, complete with compelling calls to actions that get customers to book and buy more.

Social media tools
Thryv lets you connect your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn so you can publish content from one place. Pre-built posts help you generate content so you never run out of things to say. Schedule posts in advance and let Thryv post it at the optimum time to maximize visibility, so you can spend your day focused on your business rather than social media.

In addition to solutions for maintaining your online presence, Thryv’s do-it-all platform offers tools for marketing automation, sales and payment, customer communication, scheduling and appointments, document storage and sharing, CRM for small business and client portal solutions.

Why customers love Thryv

Thryv provides all the tools small businesses need to stay organized and work more efficiently. By concentrating multiple solutions on a single platform, Thryv lets small businesses and their employees avoid the hassle of constantly logging into multiple solutions throughout the day. Small business owners and their workers can access Thryv from any location, on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phones – making sure the tools they need to stay productive are always at their fingertips. Sophisticated data encryption ensures that business information and customer data is safe and secure, while customizable account access lets businesses control who has access to all tools and files. Thryv also integrates easily with the tools that owners and workers know and love – QuickBooks, Gmail, Instagram, Square, PayPal, and many more.



Online Review Management FAQs

Your online review management questions, answered.

What is online review management?

Online review management is the practice of monitoring and responding to the comments and reviews that customers leave online.

What are the benefits of online review management?

By engaging with customers as they leave reviews, businesses can demonstrate a commitment to customer service. Businesses that respond to negative reviews by issuing a sincere apology and offering to make things right can turn around negative customer experiences and attract new customers by showing a willingness to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service.