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Social, Local, Mobile Commerce

By | 01.20.14
Social, Local, Mobile Commerce

Social Local Mobile CommerceThe latest buzzword in online marketing is SoLoMoCo (adding the “Co”, because SoLoMo is so 2012) and while it’s a mouthful (and also a company in France), it can help remind you that the focus of your Internet Marketing strategy should include Social, Local, and Mobile Commerce as part of your website strategy. It’s good to remember that the ultimate goal is for all of your marketing efforts to result in a sale. So let’s look at what is going on with each aspect of the total picture.

Social Commerce

Gigya released their latest social media trends infographic, explaining the latest trends in social sharing and usage.

Landscape of Social Sharing by Gigya

While Facebook is still #1 as far as sharing is concerned. It’s interesting to see how Pinterest sharing has increased across the board.

Local Commerce

Everyone is throwing their hat into the Local ring, especially with the growth of Mobile (which we’ll discuss in the next section). Google has greatly focused on local results in their search algorithm, trying to determine whether your search has local intent in order to serve up a better set of results. That’s why Google is so focused on semantics, semantics, semantics. With that in mind, you should be focused on increasing your presence on Google+ and LinkedIn, which are the premier social networks for business.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is still the great frontier. Mobile usage is growing more rapidly than previously predicted. It is highly likely that mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop usage as early as this year. With that in mind, there is great potential for businesses to market in mobile and to get greater distribution and visibility. According to Statista, there is 363% advertising growth potential in mobile.

Advertising Potential by Medium

And here are some very interesting statistics about the growth of mobile.

According to 7 Mobile Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind on the Convince and Convert blog:

  • 40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels (often while shopping) before making a purchase
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop
  • By 2014 mobile is predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour

2014 is definitely the year to invest in mobile and if you have a local business, you already have an advantage because local is more relevant. By having a unified message across social and mobile, you can increase your local presence. Check out our mobile marketing resources and see what you can do to increase your mobile marketing presence this year. What ideas do you have to help your business in 2014?

  • For local or even hyper-local businesses, this is going to be an interesting year, that’s for sure. Reading the graphs it looks like if you’re in Media or Publishing that concentrating your marketing on 2 sites will bring most of the results.

    • True. If you’re in media or publishing, Facebook and Twitter are still the way to go. What’s surprising to me is how Pinterest has taken over and is dominating ecommerce, but when we’re buying something we always want to see pictures.

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