On behalf of myself and the rest of the product team, we’d like to thank all of our Thryv customers for using our business management software to run and grow your businesses. We continue to focus our software feature enhancements on key functionality that’s at the core of what every business needs: to find customers, stay organized, communicate and get paid.

To do this, we rely on open and ongoing communication with our own customers who request changes and improvements through our in-app Feedback module. This helps us better understand their needs and prioritize our product enhancements. 

We’re grateful to everyone who takes the time to connect with us and share their feedback. 

A special shout-out goes to Thryv’s Power Users. These Power Users are a group of the 1,000 most active small businesses that use Thryv a lot every day and regularly share their thoughts with us. They also help us test new product features and upgrades.

We achieved some significant accomplishments in 2022, which include regular product enhancements and launches. Let’s take a look back.


Thryv’s goal is to help our customers do business more easily and profitably.

To that end, every year we increase the number of payments we help to process. I’m excited to share that in 2022 we helped small businesses get paid more than $1 billion.

Here are more milestones:

  • We’ve powered more than 6.5 million conversations between small businesses and their customers, an increase of 55% since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Since the launch of TeamChat, more than 500 accounts have activated it  (see more, below) with more than 1,600 users.

Platform Enhancements

The product team works hard to make your business easier. Here are month-by-month highlights of key product enhancements.

January: Upgraded File Sharing 

We made it so users can preview any file in Thryv without having to download it first. Customers can preview them before downloading them, too. This was a big usability improvement for everyone.

February: Added Free Web Chat and Integrations and launched in Canada

We dramatically upgraded our Inbox by building in a new, free web chat service. Thryv customers no longer need to pay for an outside service to offer web chat on their website, saving $29 or more every month. And anyone with a Thryv website can turn Web Chat on with just a single click. 

We also added integrations to both Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messenger inside our Inbox. 

Finally, we launched Thryv in Canada, so Canada-based small businesses now have access to the platform.

March: Improved Estimate and Invoice Workflow

Now, Thryv users can attach documents and files to estimates and invoices. This allows users to send out their proposals and invoices with additional information — such as insurance details or other pertinent files and photos. 

April: Added New Features to the Email Signature Builder

We launched a new app inside Thryv that allowed users to build custom, professional-looking email signatures. Now our customers can add their photos, logos and signatures to their email signature lines, along with contact information. 

Plus, you can add the enhanced email signature to your scheduling and payment messages. 

May: Enhanced Scheduling and Listings Management Features

Thryv users can now allow the scheduling of multiple staff members on a single appointment. 

We also overhauled our listings management screen to make it easier to use and understand how your information is being shared across the web and to control it. 

June: Upgraded ThryvPay and Added New Payment Options 

We improved ThryvPay with features to make it easier for our users to process payments. In addition, we added Google Wallet and Apple Pay as part of ThryvPay’s contactless payment options. 

And we added consumer financing to allow our users to offer professional and automated financing to their customers for bigger ticket items. 

July: Added Google Calendar Syncing

We added two-way Google Calendar syncing in real-time. This lets all Thryv customers who use Google Calendar for both their personal and professional lives see both types of activities on their Google Calendars. 

So if a doctor using Thryv has an appointment at her son’s school, as well as patients to see that day, she can see everything on one calendar.  

August: Added the Google Business Messages Feature to Inbox

This allows Thryv Inbox users to both receive and reply to any messages directly from your Google Business Profile. For example, if potential customers have questions about your services or want to schedule an appointment, and they send a message through your Google Business Profile, you’ll be able to get those messages immediately and respond to them through your Thryv inbox.

September: Upgraded Estimate, Invoice and Email Functionality

Thryv customers can now drag and drop the line items in both our estimates and our invoices. So if you add line items, you can now rearrange them into the order in which you wanted to present that information, instead of having to send them out in the order in which you add them.

We also added the ability to both send and receive emojis in our Inbox, because the world’s a better place with emojis! 

October: Released the new Thryv Mobile App

Our customers continue to increase their mobile usage, so we released a new Thryv Mobile App that is 10 times faster, more responsive and uses significantly less memory. 

As a user, you won’t be forced to log in multiple times anymore, which is a big improvement in usability. 

The new mobile app also makes it easier for staff members to quickly mark themselves as out of the office or unavailable through their mobile devices.

November: Launched TeamChat, Notification Center and Marketing Center

November was a very busy month for the Thryv product team.

While the Thryv Inbox is all about communicating with your customers, Thryv users also needed a place to collaborate with team members — finding out whether those products were ordered or permits received, reviewing photos of what’s going on at a job site and more.

To meet that need, we created and launched Thryv’s new collaboration tool, TeamChat, which is fully integrated with the CRM functionality. 

It’s also available as a separate mobile app, so if you have any staff members who don’t need full access to the entire Thryv platform, they have their own mobile app that they can use. 

If you’re paying for or considering another collaboration tool, such as Slack or CompanyCam, you can save money by using the TeamChat feature included in your Thryv service. Those tools typically cost between $9 and $15 per employee per month.

We also launched a Notification Center so that Thryv’s small businesses could take control of which notifications the platform sends to them. This way you can focus on the most important notifications for your individual business.

Last, but definitely not least, we launched Marketing Center. This is an add-on to your Thryv account, and connects to your CRM.

It provides everything a small business needs to effectively market and grow their business while allowing them real-time insights into what works and what doesn’t.

December: Upgraded Deposit Flows and the Login Experience

The Thryv product team launched a new deposit flow for accepting and requesting deposits and linking deposits to invoices and estimates after the fact. 

We also launched a uniform and new login experience across our browser and all three of our mobile apps —ThryvPay, TeamChat and the Thryv mobile app. 

We’re Always Here

All of our product enhancements are available with online step-by-step instructions by visiting learn.thryv.com, so you can get familiar with them. If you’d like more assistance, our 24/7/365 support team is always available to help you get up to speed. 

Thanks again for your business, and best wishes for a successful 2023!