On the heels of entering the Australian market in 2021, we’re excited to announce that our Thryv Canada launch is now live.

Our small business neighbors to the north will now have access to Thryv’s award-winning software. The end-to-end customer experience platform helps them grow their businesses.

Small businesses in Canada will join 45,000+ of their peers who benefit from Thryv’s full platform. It includes a multitude of features to help with common small business challenges, such as:

Reaching more customers:

  • Accurate and up-to-date online listings
  • Social media management
  • Two-way texting

Getting and staying organized:

  • Centralized CRM with customer and lead contact details and activity
  • Shared inbox, calendar and online appointment scheduling

Getting paid faster:

  • Estimates and invoices
  • Sales and contactless payment processing

Earning more reviews:

  • Connect to review sites
  • Visibility to incoming reviews

‘Don’t Have to Do It Alone’

“We’re bringing our service-first mentality to Canada to help small businesses continue to grow,” says Ryan Cantor, Thryv’s Chief Product Officer. “We’re here to coach them through the software investment they’re making in their business. We want them to know that they have our support — they don’t have to do it alone.”

Thryv’s unlimited 24-7 support is provided to Canadian users at every package level.

Small businesses in Canada can visit Thryv.com and request a demo to learn more about Thryv.