Since the stay-at-home orders and with COVID-19 quarantines in place, many fitness instructors have gone virtual. For anyone with room in their home and a few small pieces of equipment, at-home workouts are working out just fine.

But high intensity or group training might not seem as good of a fit for a virtual services environment.

One Karate (Tang Soo Do) gym and Thryv user in New York thought otherwise.

Meet T & T Karate

T & T Karate is a woman-owned Karate training discipline and self-empowerment gym that grows students in body, mind and spirit.

When shelter-in-place orders forced T&T Karate to temporarily close their in-person facility, they took their karate and fitness courses online. They’re challenging students to use this time to hone their craft and advance their skills (with their guidance and support of course).

  • Instructors sent logins to their students to register for the virtual classes.
  • They drafted success plans for their new virtual environment.
  • They’re sending students motivational emails with instructional videos as the main call to action.

T & T Karate even modified their belt testing to accommodate the online atmosphere and ensure students knew how to be successful with their online assessment.

Here’s the dedicated virtual training content on their website:

Their emails are keeping students informed and engaged:

T & T Karate’s message to their students is, “Pandemics don’t stop Martial Arts!”