Social distancing is the latest catch-phrase associated with the devastating COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. While some claim it should be renamed “physical distancing,” the intention is clear.

Government and health officials are recommending individuals maintain 6 feet of distance from one another. That distance should make spreading the virus through physical contact much less likely, or nearly impossible.

But, it’s not exactly easy to run a services business from afar. And as local and state officials announce more and more shelter-in-place orders, it’s becoming even harder for business owners to serve their clients.

But like small businesses always do, many are adapting.

Meet Wingmom

Thryv user and small business Wingmom is a home services business based in Delaware. “The wingman to moms,” Wingmom provides day-to-day family and household services including tutoring, errand running, laundry help, senior care, transportation and more.

If anyone’s noticed things have changed a bit lately, it’s moms. Suddenly they’re homeschooling kiddos or trying to get work done remotely with infants crying in the background…or both!

Wingmom saw this as an opportunity to help.

They took every service they could online, focusing on their tutoring, to provide relief for their clients who are now working from home and trying to educate kids who are temporarily out of school.

How To Take Your Services Online

It’s not just about fulfilling your online service. (Wingmom chose virtual conferencing.) It’s also important to communicate what you’re offering and how.

  • Add a pop-up to your website.
  • Enable online booking, and let clients click a button to choose a time.
  • Post your new services on social media.
  • Add your virtual services to your online listings, especially on Google and Facebook.
  • Email your contact list offering to help. Incentivize them to try your new virtual service with a coupon or discount.

Not sure what to say? Here’s what Wingmoms says worked.

Website pop-up:

Social media:


Businesses Offering Online Services

Tutoring isn’t the only business thriving due to online booking and virtual conferencing. Here are a few more ideas for any type of business owner.

  • Retail and restaurants: Transition to online marketplace, and offer full delivery.
  • Personal trainers and fitness instructors: Host video chat sessions. Come up with in-home workouts you can do without weights or equipment. Offer group classes at reduced rates. Record sessions, and post them to your social media. Or, share them for an even more deeply discounted rate.
  • Business services: Explore document sharing software, so you can continue to work with your clients’ most sensitive data and files securely. Even free tools like Google Drive offer live documents you can review and edit with clients together.