Reasons Your New Business Needs A LogoAs a small business owner, you’re no doubt aware of the importance of branding your company. You’ve probably heard any number of marketing experts talk about the necessity of having consistent marketing collateral and a distinctive and effective logo. Your business logo is the key to achieving consistency for your brand.

Here are five benefits of having a professional-looking logo:

The Appearance of Stability

Even if your business is new, having an effective logo gives the impression that your company is established. Although most people are supportive of new businesses and admire the entrepreneurial spirit, when it comes right down to making a purchase, they’re more comfortable buying from a business with a proven track record.

Build Trust

Consistency is a key element of branding. Your logo should be prominently featured on all your advertising and marketing collateral and business communications. Repeatedly conveying the message embodied in your business logo creates familiarity which can lead to trust. Even if a prospect has no detailed knowledge of your business, repeated exposure to your message, i.e. your logo, can make them feel more comfortable about buying from you.

Perception of Value

Marketing is all about perceived value. Buyers often make their buying decisions based more on the perceived value of a particular product or service than on actual apples-to-apples comparisons of providers. Having a powerful logo can make the difference between making or losing a sale simply on the visual and contextual message being conveyed by your logo.

Building Affinity

Your business logo can help build affinity with certain types of customers. Depending on your business type, target audience and geographic location, using specific colors and graphic design elements can create a link between your business and a certain lifestyle, affiliation or cause. It’s not uncommon for businesses located in college towns to incorporate school colors or even mascots into their logo designs.  More subtle examples include the use of earth tones and organic shapes to convey the idea that your business is environmentally friendly or “green”. The desired effect of such techniques is ultimately the same – to connect on some level with a certain demographic.