Mobile – its the next huge thing! Mobile – you should already be doing it! Mobile – if you are not doing it already, you are late! Mobile – its where your customers/clients are! Mobile – it is search.

We know, we heard, we should all be doing mobile. Awesome. What does that mean?

Responsive Design
An example of a website built using responsive design – lovely and functional at any size.

Some of you are starting from scratch and don’t even have a business website. Great news, conquering mobile might be easier for you. Whether you are building the site yourself, going through a vendor, or getting your nephew to work on it, you need to look into responsive design. Responsive design is web design aimed to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices and screen sizes. What does that mean? A responsive design website will look great on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or that dinosaur some people call a desktop computer. Many companies supply responsive design templates that you can choose from and customize. A responsive design website will take time and cost money to build.

Now for those of you who already have a business website, there is still hope. There are two choices for you; first is to rework (redesign) your entire website to be responsive. This can be a costly and long project to undertake if you have a large website with a lot of content. Second is to purchase a mobile domain that users are redirected to when they visit your existing website from a mobile device. This mobile website allows you to feature the most relevant information about you or your business and make it mobile-friendly. Consumers on mobile are highly actionable consumers and that means you need to feed them the information in a mobile website format so they can quickly connect with you.

Now go to your favorite mobile device and pull up your company’s website. How does it look? Are you pleased? Remember that when a consumer can not navigate your website on their mobile device, they will bounce and head off to your competitor’s site that is mobile friendly.

Have any questions? Ask away!