Here’s some pandemic-related good news for health and wellness businesses: COVID-19 has emphasized an increase in the importance of wellness.

According to McKinsey research, 42% of consumers consider wellness a top priority. Every country that McKinsey researched showed a substantial increase in the prioritization of wellness over the past several years. The global health and wellness market was $3.31 billion in 2020. And it’s expected to grow to 4.24 billion by 2026.

This presents opportunities for health and wellness companies, but also some challenges.

First, where there is opportunity, there is usually more competition. So you’ll need to stand out from the pack of similar local businesses.

Plus, the nature of marketing has changed due to the pandemic; in-person marketing has taken a back seat to online marketing as the primary way to connect with potential and existing patients and clients.

If you’re looking for ways to jumpstart your post-COVID-19 health and wellness marketing efforts, here are four ideas:

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Go for Greatness on Google

Before contacting a new business, a potential client will often look up the company online. Today, nearly all online searches occur on Google.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to include detailed information on your Google Business Profile. Your profile shows up on the right-hand side of the page when someone searches for your business on Google. If you haven’t filled out your listing, you can claim your Google Business listing easily through Thryv.

Wellness Industry Marketing IdeasYou can also use Thryv, a Google Premier Partner, to update and optimize your Google listing. In addition to providing your hours and reviews, consider adding additional information.

The example to the right is a Google listing for a local physical therapy business. It includes details about health and safety protocols.

It’s likely that at least some of your potential clients are concerned about pandemic-related safety. This information could make the difference between a client choosing you or a competitor.

Don’t Skimp on Social

Social media usage increased along with Internet use during COVID-19. Posts about wellness have been skyrocketing in recent years, especially since COVID-19. Here are some social media marketing tips to maximize success for your wellness business:

Use images. Humans are visual creatures, and 61% of social media wellness content is visual. Don’t get lost in the crowd by not including an image.

Go where your target market is. It’s impossible to be on every social media platform. Knowing the demographics of your preferred client base will help you determine which social media outlets to focus on. For example, Facebook is popular for all ages, and is the most popular social media network for senior men and women.

Instagram has the most wellness posts, but over 60% of its users are 34 and under, and half are women. If men are a key demographic for you, consider posting on Twitter, where over 68% of users are men, and 37% are 35 and up.

Post reviews. Whenever you get a great online review, amplify its effect by posting it on social media. Research shows that displaying reviews can boost conversions by up to 270%, so what are you waiting for?

Automate your social media process. It can be hard to keep up with the time-consuming process of posting on social media. Thryv can help. Choose from several outsourced options, including monthly social media content strategy meetings, and the ability to have the Thyrv social media team create and publish posts for you on a regular basis.

Participate in local social media groups. Facebook is a great place to find groups where people share tips and recommendations for local providers. For example, in my local area, we have a Facebook group, “Ask Boca!,” with more than 12,000 members.

Every day, people ask for recommendations for doctors, dentists, physical therapists, plumbers, realtors, and many other service providers. While you can definitely recommend your own business, you can also recommend others. This will help you learn a lot about what people are looking for in your area.

Ask for Reviews

In the 2021 Healthcare Reputation Report, 38.9% of respondents said online reviews are important when choosing a physician or healthcare company. It also reported this startling fact: 65% of physicians had zero reviews in 2020.

If you’d like to focus more on reviews, learn how to get more positive ones in our recent blog post.

Thryv also offers the ability to monitor your reviews, as well as the reviews of four of your competitors, through the Reputation section on your dashboard.

Support Those in Need

Nonprofits had a tough time during the pandemic, and need help more than ever. Not only is it the “right” thing to do, but most people want to do business with those who help people in need.

Now that people are out of their houses more, consider borrowing these ideas from my daughter’s orthodontist. Every October, you’ll find a big table in her lobby, filled with amazing pink baked goods. One of her staff members who likes to bake makes them, and sells them to anyone who stops in.

All proceeds go to a breast cancer charity. In addition, throughout the year, her practice sponsors charity walks and youth sports teams. As you might expect, her practice is thriving.

The pandemic forced businesses to change the way they think about marketing. By implementing these marketing ideas and tips, your health and wellness business will be able to survive and thrive in the post-COVID-19 new normal.

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