Email — it’s one of the oldest and most cost-effective mediums for digital marketing. However knowing where to get started, and how to run an effective email marketing program, is a challenge that many business owners are faced with.

A lot of businesses may be asking themselves things like:

  • What are the best methods to encourage customers to sign up?
  • How do you rise above all of the noise crowding people’s inboxes?
  • What will keep your audience engaged and how many messages are “too many”?
  • How do you tailor your offers and promotions to different segments of your customer base?

Thankfully, by following some basic best practices and principles, running a successful email marketing program that drives additional customers and revenue to your business is easier than you may think.

Here are a collection of our top posts to help you market your business via email:

Welcome-Emails-240Most Effective Email You’ll Probably Send: The Welcome Message

““Welcome” emails–the ones that go out just after a customer signs up for your email list–get twice the opens and three times the clicks of the usual marketing email messages, says a new study from YesMail. And it stands to reason: You’re catching customers at a peak of interest in your business.”

How-to-Start-an-Email-Marketing-List-for-a-Local-Business-240How to Start an Email Marketing List for a Local Business

““Opt-in”: That’s email-marketing strategy speak for “yes, I actually want you to send promotional messages to my inbox” and it doesn’t get any better than that for an advertising win. But how do you get the opting started?  Try these 7 steps.”

Customer-Segmentation-for-Small-Business-240Customer Segmentation for Small Business

“If you have a simple customer database or point-of-sale payments system or email marketing list or appointment scheduling software or full-on customer relationship management (CRM) system or any other way you collect customer data (not including the fishbowl on the counter with the business cards)—then you are on your way to “segmenting” your customer list.”

i-hate-marketing-email-240Stop Annoying Your Customers with Email

“I’m a loyal customer of beauty products from an independent consultant who does home parties. I love the convenience of being able to send an email to my rep and order refills without having to attend a home party, so we have an email-based relationship. However, I get at least one sales pitch a day – every day – from her and sometimes more than one.”

Marketing-Emojis-240Emoji Marketing for Texting, Facebook, Email…

“The day emojis took over the world came last month when Facebook offered its 1.5 billion users five little face symbols for Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry to express their reactions beyond the all-purpose Like button. Emoji fans could already choose from hundreds of the tiny icons (going way beyond faces) to add to text messages, email, Twitter, Instagram, videos, even nail decals.”

Voilá, you’re now on your way to building successful email marketing campaigns to help promote and grow your business. By utilizing best practices, segmenting your audience, and always being genuine with your message, you’ll be sure to deliver targeted offers and messaging that are perceived as delivering real value.

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