It’s an age old question of just about every business owner — once a customer has found you for the first time, how do you get them to come back again and again? After all, we all know the acquisition cost of a brand new customer is far greater than a loyal regular who gives you repeat business.

However, how do you effectively stay connected and engaged with an existing customer base exactly?

There are still far too many businesses out there with valuable customer data just sitting in an excel spreadsheet, or even written down on paper. Businesses aren’t engaging with or reaching out to those customers on a regular basis– which is lost opportunity, and lost dollars coming in.  

While the idea of utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution may sound like a lot of added effort, it’s actually probably a lot more simple than you would think.

Here are links to our top resources on how to effectively build and engage with your digital customer list, and ensure customers stay loyal and keep coming back:

  • Keep Your Customers Close – Build a Digital Database

    “Do you have an up-to-date list of your customers? Do you keep it on a spreadsheet or on customer relationship management software? If your answer is no, then know this: Big companies are coming after your customers with all the modern marketing tools available. In this video, Dex Media CEO and President Joe Walsh tells you how to organize—and defend—your customer list.”

  • Appointment Software: Getting Customers to “Book Now!”

    “Your online booking software is up and running and you’re ready for clients to slot themselves into your soon-to-be-much-busier calendar. Time for an all-platforms push to get customers to click the “Book Now!” button or link that takes them to the calendar page. Try these tactics…”

  • Got Data? How to Clean Up and Organize a Customer List

    “Is this you? Got one list of customers in your email system. One list in your point-of-sale system. One in your billing system. And maybe one still on your old Rolodex. Or maybe you’re one of the 20% of businesses in one recent survey that keeps no contact information for customers, or leads for that matter. Sorry to tell, but you’re paying a price. ”

  • 5 Big Asks for Your Customers

    “Face-to-face, on the phone or online, every contact with a customer is an opportunity to deepen the relationship, and build your marketing and sales. Find your best moments to ask these five favors of clients.”

  • Your Loyal Customers, Endangered Species

    “Forget customer loyalty, writes consultant Richard R. Shapiro in a new book The Endangered Customer: 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business, we’re in the middle of a “Switching Economy” where customers have so many choices, so easy to find online, that your competitors can poach them at any time with a better deal or especially with better service.”

No longer do local businesses have to stand back and watch big companies with fancy digital tools have an unfair advantage. Affordable solutions are available now that will empower you to build a customer database, automate your email marketing, send text messages to customers, build digital coupons and promotions, book appointments through your website, log interaction history, and more.

If employed right, the benefits in terms of customer engagement and repeat visits are sure to outweigh any added investment in terms of time or money, and are a game changer for businesses at the local level.

If you’re looking for a partner in building and managing your digital customer database, check out Thryv, the do-it-all business management platform to help you run and grow your business with ease. Show me more.