Automated customer engagement

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Building strong relationships with customers and prospects is the #1 priority for small business owners. Time spent nurturing relationships converts leads into customers and customers into loyal clients who continue to do business year after year. In fact, three-quarters of consumers say they are more likely to be loyal to a business that connects with them at a personal level.i

However, as a busy business owner, you likely have little time for long conversations, writing thank you notes or sending follow-up emails and reminders. That’s where automated customer engagement software can help. By automatically scheduling appointments, sending emails and texts, and tracking customer activities, automated customer engagement tools help you nurture relationships with a fraction of the effort.

When you’re looking for automated business software to streamline business operations, simplify marketing and nurture customer relationships, Thryv offers a do-it-all platform designed to simplify small business management. With Thryv, you can automate nearly every aspect of customer engagement to consistently deliver the right message at the best time.

What is automated customer engagement?

Customer engagement is the task of providing an exceptional experience in every interaction with customers. From initial marketing emails and appointment scheduling to invoicing and follow-up communications, automated customer engagement helps businesses to enhance relationships with customers and increase satisfaction, build greater loyalty and increase lifetime value.

Automated customer engagement solutions can perform a variety of tasks more quickly and consistently than any employee can. By automating workflows, customer engagement solutions increase the quality of customer interactions while allowing employees to avoid routine and tedious tasks.

Automated customer engagement may include tasks such as:

  • Sending a welcome email whenever someone opts into an email or newsletter list.
  • Thanking customers by email or text after each purchase and appointment.
  • Allowing customers to schedule appointments online at their convenience and automatically synchronizing calendars throughout the business.
  • Automatically reminding customers about upcoming appointments, events and sales.
  • Updating CRM records with details of each customer transaction.
  • Automatically sending interactive estimates and invoices to customers with options to pay online as well.
  • Personalizing offers and marketing messages based on customer preferences and purchase history.
  • Providing an online portal where customers can login to securely access information and account details.
  • Receiving immediate notification when new customer reviews are posted online, allowing you to respond quickly.

Automated customer engagement with Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end solution that delivers all the tools small business owners need to organize their day-to-day activities and run their businesses more efficiently. From building a stronger online presence and creating powerful marketing campaigns to nurturing customer relationships and streamlining invoicing, Thryv provides automated solutions for nearly every aspect of the business.

Thryv offers a range of automated customer engagement solutions that include:

  • Appointment scheduling. Empower customers to go online anytime 24/7 to view your calendar and book or request an appointment at the most convenient time. Send automated appointment reminders via text and email to reduce no-shows.
  • Estimates, invoices and payments. Automatically create estimates and invoices and send them electronically. Let customers approve estimates from their mobile devices to streamline the process. Convert estimates to invoices in just a few clicks. Provide a link where customers can pay online, helping you get paid faster.
  • Text and email marketing. Create automated, trigger-based text and email campaigns with Thryv’s marketing automation services. Keep current customers engaged with coupons and discounts, announcements of new products and services, and reminders of upcoming events. Personalize marketing content for each customer based on their preferences and purchase history. Automatically track what types of messages work best with each customer to continuously improve your marketing efforts.
  • Communications. Keep in touch with customers via automated thank you notes, reminders, announcements, and notes. Automatically send greetings on birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Review management. Get automatic notifications whenever new reviews and comments are posted on major sites. Thryv can help automatically respond within one business day to impress customers with your dedication to responsiveness and customer service.

More solutions on the Thryv platform

Along with tools for automated customer engagement, Thryv offers additional software solutions to help you automate, manage and organize every aspect of your business.

Streamline communication
Thryv Command Center captures every conversation to simplify communication and make sure you never miss another message.

  • A unified inbox combines conversations from all channels to provide a complete communication history for each client. Review and respond to messages via email, text, DM and other channels from one location.
  • Manage voice and video calls on one line. Get voicemail transcriptions delivered to your central inbox, making it easier to keep track of calls and find details in voicemails.
  • Connect with your team and share updates through Thryv’s TeamChat. Organize group chats, send messages, and annotate photos to keep everyone on the same page.

Run your business
Thryv Business Center lets you spend less time in the office and more time getting work done. In addition to automated solutions for appointment scheduling, estimates and invoices, and review management, Thryv business center lets you:

  • Streamline document management with tools for online document signing, storage and sharing.
  • Organize client data with user-friendly customer relations management software.
  • Provide customers with more ways to pay via digital payments.
  • Give customers a secure portal where they can view account details, communicate with staff, upload and download documents, and schedule appointments.

Grow your business
Thryv Marketing Center helps you manage marketing and advertising campaigns without the headaches.

  • Build impactful marketing campaigns across multiple channels with Thryv’s marketing automation platform and create high-performing ads in minutes with easy-to-use templates.
  • Get AI-powered data analytics and competitive insights to understand where your efforts are working well and where you can improve.
  • Create effective landing pages with Thryv’s templates and build a mobile-friendly web presence with Thryv’s small business website package.
  • Expand your online presence and local listings to let customers and prospects find you faster and beat out your competition.
  • Create and manage posts for your social media accounts from one location, developing content quickly with easy templates.

Why Thryv?

For tens of thousands of small business owners, Thryv provides all the tools needed to simplify and streamline the day-to-day tasks of running a small business. With Thryv, you can manage your business from a single dashboard, with all the tools you need at your fingertips – no more logging in to multiple applications throughout the day. As a cloud-based platform, Thryv can be accessed on any device from any location, helping you and your employees to stay productive everywhere you go.

Thryv’s highly secure platform ensures your business information and customer data are safe from theft, leaks and loss. Thryv integrates easily with the tools you and your team already use, including popular apps like QuickBooks, WordPress, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Stripe, Gmail, Zoom and more. With Thryv, you can always count on unlimited support 24/7 from live specialists who offer both technical know-how and business-savvy advice.


Automated customer engagement FAQs

Your automated customer engagement questions, answered.

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement is the practice of nurturing customer relationships by providing exceptional experiences and superior value in every customer interaction. To improve loyalty and enhance customer satisfaction, businesses must effectively engage customers at every stage and on every channel of the customer’s journey.

What is automated customer engagement?

Automated tools for customer engagement help businesses to consistently provide positive and personalized interactions with customers while reducing the workload for employees. Automated customer engagement may include automated marketing and communications campaigns, automated appointment scheduling, automated estimates and invoicing, automated review management and more.