Blow the dust off your storage boxes because the holidays are here. Yes, already. But before you pull out the seasonal decor, you first need to plan your holiday promotions. After all, those sales won’t market themselves.

In 2021, we shared five templates to market one sales promotion (along with 13 free marketing ideas to try). This year, we’re back with four more holiday promotion ideas.

Let’s tap into some often-missed gold mines to market your business this holiday season.


Either you love TikTok, or you’ve sworn it off as a Gen Z wasteland. Before you run for the hills, hear us out. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is the market leader in the short-form video space. Yes, billion. With a B. 

The average person spends 52 minutes per day on TikTok


Did you know, according to YouGovAmerica, 72% of consumers prefer to watch videos to learn about services? This fact should make TikTok a first stop for sharing your business’s holiday promotions.

It’s as simple as taking a trending sound or concept and putting your own spin on it.


Yes, the place where you built the mood board for your brick-and-mortar location is also a prime spot to showcase your 2022 holiday promotions. Think of Pinterest as another search engine.

While it is a social media platform, it also has a powerful search function. When people head to the site, they’re looking for something particular. Give it to them.

Consider what your holiday promotion will include and make it the star of the pin. Are you worried about not catching enough eyes?

  • Use striking, high-quality imagery that is color-coordinated
  • Ensure your business account and pins are optimized
  • Promote the pins you create and schedule to grow your reach

Need Help Getting Social?

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Believe it or not, direct mail is NOT dead. In fact, direct mail is a tried-and-true form of marketing that can yield big rewards. Send those mailers to current and potential customers who fit your target audience. Feel free to send them to every household if you’ve got the budget.

By sending mailers, you put your holiday promotions in front of your audience’s eyes longer than if they were digital.

Many people hang mailers on their fridges and leave them in plain sight until they hit the store. Consider it a billboard inside their home.

And even if they miss the promotion, when the mailer surfaces months later during spring cleaning, there’s a high chance they’ll find their way to you. Especially if your services and brand messaging resonate with them.

Morning News

Are you having an “ah-ha” moment? This marketing method is far too often overlooked because it takes a bit of unfamiliar work. 

If you take this route, you’ll not only massively extend your reach but also come across as even more reputable. Side bonus: You’ll have a blast feeling the newsroom energy.

But you cannot just pop in unannounced. So do the following first.

  • Check out the morning show you’re interested in. Are their segments done in-studio or on location? Time how long the segments run, and how many times each week.
  • Start dreaming vividly. What would you want your segment to look like? Will you have reporters or producers swing by and get them in on the action? Is the plan to pop in with tips and tricks? Whatever your vision, plan it out. Your holiday promotions can be shared during and at the end of your segment.
  • Identify why this segment is important and lean into it. This is important when taking a seasonal route. For example, if you operate a landscaping company, you might talk to homeowners who spend hundreds of dollars each year to rejuvenate their post-winter gardens. You can step in to demonstrate how they can preserve that garden through the winter months. You’ve saved them money with valuable and timely information.
  • Package it up as a perfectly pitched email. Address the show’s producer by name. Snagging this information may require a Google search or a quick call to the station. Share your idea and why you’re qualified to present it. Then lay out the full picture with details. At the end, put the ball in their court. Let them know where to contact you to get the ball rolling.

Holiday promotions don’t have to stick to the status quo. Now’s the time to be daring and discover what sticks.

And if you choose to tuck these 2022 holiday marketing tips away for next year and test out last year’s list, we don’t blame you. Remember to stay true to your brand, and have some fun making it happen.