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Business Problems

Greg started his business to provide a crafted service people needed. He started a family-operated business with over 25 years of construction experience under his belt.

He had a hard time managing his appointments and communicating with his customers. He used a giant whiteboard to keep track of jobs and kept customer information in a filing cabinet.



Greg has decreased his supply cost by becoming a paperless company. Notes for his staff and detailed customer information for all jobs are available at any time from any device inside Thryv.

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He has a proven increase of 25% more quotes turned into jobs. His ability to quickly provide a quote and issue an Invoice from anywhere provides a more streamlined customer experience.

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All appointments stay organized in one place and easily accessible. His total missed appointments have decreased by over 70% with automated reminders and 2-way communication.

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Greg is more organized and accessible to his customers. He can respond quicker with two-way communication, issue invoices, and get paid all in one place.

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Access detailed customer information from anywhere.
  • Become a paperless company with professional Estimates and Invoices online.
  • Keep staff and appointments organized in one place.

He can provide a higher level of service to his clients with an easier way to communicate and get paid.

My ability to quickly provide a quote and issue an invoice from anywhere means 25% more quotes turn into jobs!

Greg Brittain | All American Door

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