Booking software for small business

Boost efficiency with booking software for small business

In a service-based business, a schedule full of appointments is the secret to strong cash flow. Yet too often, maintaining your calendar means spending lots of time answering calls, listening to messages, and playing phone tag with customers.

Booking software for small business can help by automating the scheduling process and letting customers book or request appointments at their leisure – without any help from you. With the right appointment scheduling software, customers can go online anytime day or night to access your schedule, view availability, and book or request an appointment at times convenient for them. Superior software will even automatically send texts and emails to confirm the booking and remind customers about upcoming appointments.

When you’re ready to take advantage of booking software for your small business, consider the easy-to-use services on the Thryv platform. With Thryv, you get appointment booking services as part of a comprehensive collection of small business solutions for running your business more easily, efficiently and profitably.

How to promote your online scheduling features

After setting up your appointment scheduling solution, you’ll want to let your customers know how to take advantage of this new feature.

  • Record a new voicemail greeting. This is the most direct way to inform customers who typically call for appointments about your new capabilities. By updating your voicemail greeting, you can easily redirect customers away from time-consuming calls to a convenient location on your website where they can book or request your time at their leisure.
  • Update business listings. Promote your online scheduling capabilities on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other sites with buttons and links that say “Book Online 24/7” or “View Availability Now.”
  • Add CTAs to social posts. Add calls to action (CTAs) in every social post, or clickable links and buttons in posts where it is permitted by social platforms.
  • Include “Book Now” buttons on every webpage. Make it easy for customers to find your online booking tool by placing buttons, links and CTAs on every page.
  • Remind clients in every communication. Every email, newsletter, text and DM should remind customers how to book appointments online.

Booking software for small business from Thryv

The Thryv platform provides comprehensive tools that help small businesses find more customers, organize day-to-day workloads, and grow the business and the bottom line. From small business payment solutions and invoicing software to marketing automation and small business website development, Thryv offers everything business owners need to increase efficiency and spend more time on the work they love.

Thryv’s booking software for small businesses simplifies scheduling to keep your calendar full while freeing up hours in your day.

  • Automated online scheduling. Thryv makes it easy for customers to go online 24/7 with any internet-connected device to view your schedule, check availability and book times that are most convenient for them.
  • Customized calendars. You choose how you want to manage your calendar. Customize the hours of availability, locations, durations of appointments, and the schedules of various team members. Let customers book time automatically or request appointments that you can approve or decline.
  • Reminders and confirmations. To cut down on no-shows, Thryv automatically confirms each new appointment and issues automated reminders as the appointment time draws near.
  • Convenient synchronization. Thryv’s booking software for small businesses continuously and automatically syncs up calendars across the company to avoid overbooking. Easily share calendars for your entire team and give employees as much access as you want them to have for managing their clients and services.
  • More payment options. Thryv lets you accept full or partial payment when customers book an appointment to help reduce no-shows and improve cash flow.
  • Events and classes. Offering classes and events is a great way to generate more revenue and nurture relationships with customers. Thryv makes it easy to handle registration, communication and payment from one location.
  • Packages of services. Offer customers a package of services or the ability to book multiple visits at once. This encourages repeat business while increasing revenue.

More solutions from Thryv

Along with booking software for small business, Thryv offers comprehensive tools that simplify nearly every aspect of running your company.

Streamline communications with Thryv Command Center
Capture every conversation and never miss a message with a unified inbox for all communications.

  • Combine conversations from all channels into one inbox and view a complete communication history for each client.
  • Get one business number for voice and video calls along with voicemail transcriptions delivered to your inbox.
  • Connect with team members and share updates on TeamChat.

Simplify operations with Thryv Business Center
Spend less time in the office and more time doing work you love.

  • Build customer relationships with a powerful CRM system.
  • Create and send invoices online in just a few clicks.
  • Generate more reviews and respond quickly to customer comments online.
  • Provide customers with an online portal for reviewing documents and interacting with your business.
  • Give customers more ways to pay with digital payments.

Grow your business with Thryv Marketing Center
Manage your marketing efforts, create campaigns, build your online presence and analyze results from a single dashboard.

  • Create automated email and text campaigns that reach the right people at the best time with smart messaging on all channels.
  • Boost your online presence by enhancing your Google Business Profile and other local listings.
  • Improve marketing efforts with AI-powered recommendations.
  • Promote your brand with a mobile-friendly website.
  • Create social media posts in minutes with easy-to-use templates.

Why choose Thryv?

Tens of thousands of businesses trust Thryv technologies to help increase efficiency and keep things organized. Thryv’s comprehensive solutions can be accessed via a single platform with a single login. That means owners and employees can easily access all the tools they need throughout the day without the inconvenience of logging in to different applications all day long.

Thryv’s solutions can be accessed on any device – mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktops – from any location at any time. Thryv integrates seamlessly with the most popular business platforms like QuickBooks, PayPal, Indeed, Zoom and Gmail, so employees can keep using the tools they already know while adding Thryv to their workflow.

Cutting-edge data encryption helps keep client information and business files safe and secure, and customized access controls ensure that only authorized users can access important data. Unlimited support provides 24/7 access to Thryv specialists who are experts in solving both technical issues and small business challenges.

Booking software for small business FAQs

Your booking software for small business questions, answered.

What is booking software for small business?

Booking software helps service-based small businesses schedule appointments and manage calendars with less effort and greater efficiency. An appointment scheduling platform allows customers to go online to book appointments on their own without needing to contact the business.

What are the benefits of booking software for small business?

By allowing customers to go online and schedule or request appointments at their leisure, booking software ends the frustration of answering phone calls all day long, listening to countless voicemails and playing phone tag with customers. Booking software for small business can also automatically send texts and emails to confirm schedules and remind customers of upcoming appointments.