Social media is a great tool for engaging customers and turning them into fans of your business. Most businesses tend to focus their social media efforts during weekday afternoons, even though many social audiences are at their most active outside of business hours. Is this a valid strategy?

Well, it would appear so. This infographic from LeadSift (a firm that gathers and publishes social marketing data) looks at the audiences of 10 major brands to see when they’re tuned in. And while the results vary from brand to brand, afternoon seems to be the time when most of these customers are engaging with them. (The one exception is Kellogg’s, which seems to be particularly popular among the morning crowd.)

Basically, it breaks down like this among the businesses listed:

  • Early morning engagement – 40%
  • Morning engagement – 30%
  • Afternoon engagement – 90%
  • Late night engagement – 40%

So posting in the afternoon seems to be the most viable strategy (unless you’re solely in the breakfast business). But if you’re looking to reach more folks through social media, it might be worthwhile to consider your audience and align your posts with their schedule.