How To Drive Traffic To Your Web Site Using Direct MailWith all the recent developments in digital marketing (especially mobile and social), you might be tempted to simply give up on traditional approaches like television, radio, print and direct mail.

Unfortunately, many business owners make the mistake of compartmentalizing their marketing efforts as either new media or old media when, ideally, they should each support the other.

In fact, when it comes to driving traffic to your Web site, good old fashioned direct mail is highly effective as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

Direct mail marketing provides direct access to virtually everyone in your target market. Here are some key points to remember in order to make your direct mail marketing more effective.

For starters, give your prospects a compelling reason to visit your Web site. Depending on your business, you might offer a free or discounted trial of a product or service you offer. You might also consider offering coupons or downloads of white papers or research studies through your Web site. Remember, you need to offer something your prospects want – not just something you want them to see on your site.

You also need to provide a simple URL for your site. Remember, with direct mail there are no clickable links, so your prospects will have to type the URL into their browser’s address bar. Keeping it short and simple will increase their chances of successfully navigating to your site on the first try.

If your site has a long or confusing URL, you can create a unique landing page with a simpler, shorter URL and redirect it to the actual page you want your prospects to visit. Providing a unique URL for your direct mail campaigns will also allow you to track their effectiveness using your Web analytics tools.

Include a clear call to action in all your direct mail pieces and tell your prospect what you want them to do. Instead of simply stating that you have “Valuable Coupons Available on Our Web Site”, tell your prospects to “Visit (your URL) and Complete Our Survey to Receive $50 in Discount Coupons.”

Don’t make your offer open-ended. Instead, set a deadline and include it in your call to action. Creating a sense of urgency is a good idea in all your marketing efforts.

Test a variety of direct mail formats including post cards, flyers and envelope packages to find out which is most effective for your business.

Create a dedicated landing page on your site. Many people mistakenly direct prospects to their Home page, thinking it provides a broader overview of their business. People can click to your Home page if they want more information, but for your purposes, you want them to arrive at a page that provides clear, concise information about the offer you included in your direct mail piece.

Finally, ask visitors to your site to fill out a simple contact form in order to receive your offer.

The amount of information you require from your prospects will depend on the value of your offer. People don’t like providing a great deal of personal information online, so when it comes to contact forms, keep it simple.  Generally, all you really need is a name and one contact method – phone number, physical address or email address. As with everything else in your marketing mix, it’s a good idea to test in order to determine which contact method best serves your purposes.

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