Are you part of the nearly HALF of small businesses (49%) that plan to spend more on customer relationship management (CRM) software next year?

If you’re not, it’s time to reconsider. Today’s CRMs help you manage more than customer relationships. They help you manage the entire customer experience.

I bet you didn’t know today’s CRM software can do this!

Create a 360° view of the customer journey.

If you rely on your address book or an outdated CRM to manage your contacts, you’re behind.

CRMs should give you a full view of each customer’s journey.

You need to be able to see:

  • How’d they find you?
  • What convinced them to buy?
  • What products or services did they buy?
  • Are they loyal? Do they return often?

Connect customers with their transactions.

The best CRMs for small business let you dive into customers’ past and current transactions right then and there.

This helps you:

  • Send more relevant text and email offers
  • Offer loyalty programs
  • Chase down overdue payments

Collect and respond to feedback.

One of the top perks of CRM is that it can boost your reputation online.

Use your CRM to:

  • Request reviews and feedback
  • Respond to unhappy customers and resolve any issues

Already have a CRM?

Great! You’re ahead of the curve. Here’s how to get more out of your CRM with tags.