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[Video] Subject Line Secrets that Get Emails Opened

[Video] Subject Line Secrets that Get Emails Opened

By | 01.16.19
[Video] Subject Line Secrets that Get Emails Opened

Did you know mobile email opens have grown by 180% in the last 3 years? People love their phones. And they’re using them to read emails from businesses like yours.

How will you get your emails opened and read?

Here are our top tips for writing killer subject lines that can improve your email marketing results.

Make them short, but also descriptive.

The increase in mobile email opens means you need to keep your subject lines shorter than 50 characters, including spaces. But short shouldn’t mean boring or generic.

Find ways to cater your copy to a specific season, event, or product you know your consumers care about.

Avoid ALL CAPS and excessive punctuation.

Using all caps is an obvious spam trigger. But question marks, and especially exclamation marks, are some of the top ways you’ll get marked as spam too. Word your subject lines so they don’t need any of these things.

Make them feel personal, but not creepy.

Emails that include recipients’ names increase open rates. But if you’re short on time or your email service provider doesn’t make it easy to do, simply include the word “you.” It’s another great way to make email recipients feel special. Something like:

  • You’re invited to our grand re-opening
  • Fall specials you and your pet will love

Drafting emails, finding great templates, and managing your client lists can take a lot of behind-the-scenes work. But it doesn’t have to. Thryv can handle everything you need for email marketing, all from one screen.

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Your emails aren’t
getting opened.

We know why.

Your emails aren’t getting opened.

We know why.


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