Sometimes you get so busy you forget to check the news feeds for the latest and greatest trends in local marketing. Don’t sweat it. We’re here for ya.

Organic Traffic & Link Building for Small Businesses (Search Engine Land)
We’ve talked about SEO plenty of times, but the web environment is constantly changing. So are search engines. Get back up to date.

How Small Firms Can Defuse a Political Threat and Blunt a Boycott (New York Times)
You don’t have to be a retail giant to fall prey to a harsh political climate. Read more about how Nicole navigated these choppy waters when a boycott threatened her business.

Your Small Business Should Outsource These Marketing Tasks (Small Business Trends)
You know by now you can’t do it all alone (or if you’re trying, it’s exhausting). Lean on trending advice for which marketing activities make the most sense to outsource this year.

Take the Work Out of Hiring | Facebook for Business (Facebook)
Finding the right talent can feel impossible at times. Local businesses have to be picky with who you trust. Facebook is trying to help, recently adding a new jobs bookmark where businesses can find qualified people where they’re hanging out – on Facebook.

Survey: Snapchat is a Fleeting Hobby, Ads Don’t Stick (Marketing Land)
Is this Snapchat trend just that, a trend? What about for local businesses – is it worth your time to connect with the younger audience using this social media platform?

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