According to a recent report released by Yesmail, 40% of all email clicks during the fourth quarter of 2014 came from mobile devices. This is credited to two things: increasing click-to-open (CTO) rates and mobile-responsive designs. CTO rates have increased by 20% each year since 2013, while more email marketers and brand ambassadors have embraced mobile-responsive email designs. The research shows that those emails with responsive designs are opened 40% more often than emails that are not optimized for mobile viewing.

On average, responsive designs have a CTO of 14.1%, while non-responsive email designs only have a CTO of 10.1%. During the same period, emails opened from desktop computers still showed strong CTOs. Mobile-responsive emails were clicked through from desktops 12.6% and the desktop CTO for non-responsive designs was 21.6%.

Although desktop click-to-open rates remain strong, the report revealed that clicks from mobile devices brought in a higher revenue of 40 cents per click, as opposed to the desktop revenue of 19 cents per click.

The report also shed light on conversion rates from email campaigns. Although desktop conversion fell by 4%, mobile conversion rates increased steadily by 70% year over year.

Other findings regarding the efficacy of mobile-responsive email campaigns included:

  • 20% of all email revenues came from mobile devices
  • Mobile orders comprise nearly 25% of all orders from email marketing campaigns
  • The average value of orders from mobile devices grew by 28%, while the average order value from desktop opens only increased by 14%

The Yesmail report was based on the company’s analysis of more than 6.8 billion emails from across 18 industries. Data was analyzed from both B2B and B2C clients.


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