No Thank YouSome of our clients have contacted us recently because a consultant, or webmaster, or SEO advisor, or automated link-checker has told them that links from our directory at are somehow problematic. They are being told that these links are “spam” or that they are being used by us to somehow benefit our own website and they are harmful in some way to the client’s website.

This is FALSE.

You need to know that:

  • is an established, authoritative online business directory that is over 11 years old.
  • We are a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner; one of only about a dozen companies to achieve that status.
  • has a Google PageRank of 7, and links from our directory are not in violation of any quality guidelines.
  • We don’t use spammy keywords as anchor text in the link to business websites. We use the actual URL of your website.
  • derives no benefit whatsoever from linking to your website. In fact, the opposite is true. A link from our business directory to your website is beneficial to you.
  • Consumers come to our directory to find businesses in your category and geographic location. When we display your address, phone number and website, we are enabling consumers who want to buy products and/or services from you.

If, after that explanation, a website owner STILL wants us to remove links to their website from our directory, we will comply. We won’t, however, grant requests like these from anonymous “webmasters” who are making money from unsuspecting business owners by scaring them and then charging them money to remove these supposedly “spammy” links.

If you are getting guidance from someone who is telling you that you need to disavow links from, or that you need to ask to remove links that point to your website, please contact us before you take unnecessary action that won’t help your website in the search results.

Before you remove or disavow any links that point to your website, be sure to look at where they are coming from. You don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water. As search expert Danny Sullivan recently commented on Reddit, “The best is when someone sends Search Engine Land a request to drop a link to them. Yeah, a site regularly read by the head of Google’s web spam team is really a place you need to worry about being harmed if it links to you. Not.”

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