When it comes to effectiveness and affordability, social ads continue to outdistance other avenues (exchanges, portals, and networks) in reaching new clients by a whopping margin of 167%.

Using data drawn from almost 800 of its clients, the Q2 Media Intelligence Report by Neustar Aggregate Knowledge found that social ads lead the way in targeting and engaging what it terms “quality users” by increasing online ad frequency and impressions, which, in turn, will drive clicks and conversions.

Making this even more appealing is that the costs for social ad marketing are about 70 percent less than the costs for other channels, especially considering display campaigns zeroed in on income and age parameters deliver sizable increases in conversion rates.

In the vertical industries studied in the report – Education, CPG, Entertainment, Media, Retail, Telecommunications, and Health – the trends were even more supportive of the efficacy of social ads, particularly when centered on leveraging customer relationship management data for marketing purposes. Above average performance metrics over other channels were reported in all industries studied, including Telecommunications (19 times better), Retail (55 times better), and Entertainment (almost 100 times better).

The report also found that in several industries view-based conversions (delayed conversion after seeing an ad) were more frequent than click-based conversions, reinforcing data from earlier studies that show the influence of online ads cannot be measured solely in clicks. So much so, that the creators of the study find that click and click-based conversions should not be the only emphasis for marketers.


Marketing Charts. “Social Ads Continue to Efficiently Reach New Audiences”; August 28, 2014.