Recently, Verizon and Small Business Trends conducted a joint survey to see how small businesses are using technology.

Although the sample size was small — only business owners in the Philadelphia area were surveyed — the results were interesting. Respondents admitted to taking calls from customers outside of traditional work hours — during a funeral, while attending a wedding reception and at a child’s birthday party — just to name a few. Additionally, almost half of respondents said they do business while on vacation.

Other Interesting Findings

When asked which technology was essential for conducting business, here was the breakdown:

  • 89 percent answered high-speed Internet
  • 63 percent said landline phone
  • 60 percent stated mobile phone

Respondents were also asked about their biggest technology concern:

  • 72 percent said loss of high-speed Internet
  • 54 percent fear cyber attacks
  • 46 percent worry about losing data

When asked how technology has helped them conduct business:

  • 88 percent said it helps them service their customers better
  • 85 percent said it allows them to connect with customers offsite
  • 84 percent stated technology has improved workflow efficiency for them
  • 61 percent said mobile technology saves them time and money


Campbell, Anita. “Crazy Places Where We Conduct Business, Thanks to Our Phones”. Smallbiztrends.9/18/2014.