“Who thinks about Thanksgiving dinner during bikini season? Pinners do, that’s who!” says Pinterest, releasing a planning calendar that’s a very handy guide for markers who pin and advertise on the images-heavy site.

In fact, it’s a handy guide to seasonal marketing campaigns in general, especially targeted to women, and super-organized women at that.

According to the site, “Pinners are twice as likely to celebrate events as the general population”. And 40% of them say “Pinterest is a great way to create a list of things I want to buy.”

Just start your campaigns early.

For instance:

  • In January, Pinners start planning for Easter.
  • In March, Pinners start planning for Cinco de Mayo.
  • In July, Pinners start planning for Halloween.

And plan to stay late. Pinterest says that “Pinners continue saving ideas for seasonal moments right up until the last minute”.

Get the Pinterest Planning Calendar.