Have you ever felt that as a small business owner, you’re expected to do it alone? There’s no shortage of consulting firms for large corporations. But the resources for small business owners are often a lot harder to find. Or, they’re so costly, they’re inaccessible.

Entrepreneur Andrew Sternke saw this problem, and he knew he could help. So in 2019, he started a small business consulting firm called Advizco. Located in Dallas, Texas, Advizco offers their small business clients meaningful and realistic business growth by way of strategic planning support. In short, they help small businesses achieve their true potential.

Hear more about how Advizco attracts new clients and earns loyal repeat business in the latest episode of “Winning on Main Street”.

A Sneak Peek

According to Andrew, helping small businesses succeed is fun. He enjoys supporting his diverse client base as they work to solve any number of unique business problems.

“The majority of the U.S. economy is actually being pushed by small business…over 96%. There’s over 30 million small businesses out there. And they really do not know who to turn to. So I decided that’s something I’m really passionate about, is helping these small businesses and nonprofits succeed. And along with that, using digital transformation and the various technology platforms out there to help these small businesses.”

More of what you can expect to hear:

  • How Andrew uses his background with the military to implement cutting-edge technology with small businesses
  • The importance of digital transformation for small businesses
  • Tips on how to leverage your personal relationships to beat the large corporations

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