SuperMedia Twitter BioMuch has been written about using Twitter for business, for networking and for personal use. But what many people forget is that without an informative and useful Twitter bio, it’s virtually impossible to get targeted followers, much less engage meaningfully with them. 

Arguably, 160 characters for a bio doesn’t seem like much and should be easy to write. But after seeing many Twitter bios that need improvement, I’ve concluded that it must be harder than I thought. Granted, it isn’t always easy to group together relevancy, creativity and meaning.

Let’s start here; whether you are using Twitter for business or for networking, take a look at your Twitter bio right now and ask yourself, “will someone reading my bio want to follow me?” If the answer is yes, then make sure that these are the followers that you are hoping to attract. The bottom line is no one relevant to your business or to yourself will follow you if they do not know who you are or what you do.

So hopefully you are now asking, what should be in my Twitter bio that will help me attract the right followers?

1) Who are you, and what do you do? You may do a lot of things, but figure out your priorities and what you want your followers to know about your business or yourself.  It is perfectly fine to add your professional and personal elements here; after all, that makes you less robotic and more relatable. 

2) Expertise and passionsIf you are an expert at something or you specialize in a specific area of business, make sure you add this to your bio. For example photography, journalism, writing etc. Also if you are passionate about something, tell people. Passions are driving factors and followers gravitate towards people who have similar passions.

3) Usefulness: This is extremely important for businesses. What this means is that you are giving people a reason to follow your business. For example what do you do as a business that would be beneficial for fans? Make sure you share this. Also, do not forget to add your website information to your bio, that way your fans will know where to go to benefit from what you have to offer.

4) Use the right keywords: If you want to be found, it’s vital that you have relevant keywords in your bio. If you are a local business, tell people where you are from and what you do. For example if you are “Dallas’s go-to dentist for braces” then tell people that. That way search engines are more likely to find your Twitter profile when searching for the keywords “Dallas dentist.”

5) It’s vital to have a dash of personality: This is the element of the Twitter bio that truly brings it all together. Now don’t get crazy with this, stay professional, but I would encourage you to add a little humor and creativity to your bio. Just don’t leave out the rest of the tips above when adding personality to your bio.

Hopefully by now you are better prepared to write a creative attention grabbing, informative and relevant Twitter bio that will attract the audience you are looking to reach.