Smartphone Tips for BusinessWhile more and more people are making the switch from feature phones to smartphones, some people remain hesitant and prefer the simplicity of their flip phones. However, recent studies conducted by Huthwaite, an organization that focuses on sales performance improvement, have confirmed that using a smartphone is actually one of the best (and easiest) ways to grow your business. In fact, 85 percent of Americans are currently running their small business from their iPhone or Android phone, a number that has doubled in the last five years.[1] Of these business owners, 42 percent say that it would be extremely difficult to operate their businesses without their smartphones.[2] Here are 3 ways you can make the most out of your smartphone for your business:

Respond Faster to Customers

One of the most important aspects of being successful in any industry is being able to respond to your customers when they need you. This could include replying to questions or requests for estimates on your website, responding to customer emails, and even answering questions about one of your blog posts from potential clients. If your business  requires you to spend most of your time out in the field instead of in front of a computer screen, a smartphone is one of the best ways to ensure that you stay in touch.

Access Everything at Your Office on the Go

One of the most popular aspects of using a smartphone to keep things running smoothly for your business is that it allows you to access everything you need at the office on the go. This can be especially useful if you want to be able to manage things on your computer from your smartphone. You can use helpful apps to help you update everything from finances to contacts and sensitive customer information. You can also create and respond to blog posts on the go, access documents and forms, make appointments, handle customer service issues, update customer records and more. In fact, research has found that nearly 90 percent of business owners rate the ability to work remotely at any time as a top priority.[3]

Close Deals on the Go

According to ComScore, there are currently 45 million smartphones active in the United States alone, and, like social media, they are the new most popular means of communication.[4] So, instead of having to take orders from the road and bring paperwork back to the office to close deals, you can check off everything a new customer wants right on your smartphone and, using an electronic signature app, have him or her sign all the necessary agreements without the hassle of paperwork.

And you can accept payments for products and services on your smartphone, making it easier for your customers, cutting down on invoicing, and getting the money into your bank account faster.

With a smartphone and the right apps, you can respond to current and future customers more quickly, access your office on the go, and complete sales while in the field. How does your smartphone help you manage your business?